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Worms Revolution Review

Well Team 17 has done it again and in spectacular fashion. Worms Revolution now available on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, PSN Network for PS3, and the PC, has been quite the experience. Bringing back the same iconic warring worms with some classic returning weapons such as the exploding sheep, alongside new crazy weapons such as the “donkey punch,” this truly is an entertaining game if is it still a little simplistic. The 2-D style of game play with 3-D environments is the stage set for these worms, and the famous turn based style has returned. So let’s just get to the meat of this new installment shall we.


So as far as new features go, there’s a ton of them. Let’s start off with the weapons. The most prominent of the new weapons to the serious are the introduction of water warfare. The player can now use a Water Pistol, Water Bomb, and a Water Air strike to try and wash away or drown enemy worms. Worms that are stuck underwater on the map will loose up to 5 health every turn, but there is also a new tool to counter this as well. You are given a Drain plug that once implemented under water will drain the liquid away. Another new water feature is that you will often notice pockets of trapped water on the map itself. A well timed bazooka or grenade will often pierce this pocket sending a cascade of water across the map toward your enemies leading to some hilarious and devious new strategies.


Another new implementation to the game is the entry of destroyable items introduced to the environment. These consist of Poison Mushrooms, Zippo Lighters, Water Bottles, etc. Destroying or puncturing these will lead (most of the time) to a rain of Napalm, Noxious poison gas, a waterfall, or many other great possibilities. Just beware because if timed or positioned wrong these effects will be thrown back in your own worms face. You can also reposition and place these objects with a new ability, Telekinesis. Although quite honestly after the introductory level I rarely used this ability at all through out the game.


The Introduction of Classes has also been a new and welcome change. There are now 4 total classes set as the Soldier, the Scout, The Scientist, and The Heavy. Your normal worm is classified as the Soldier and is the well balanced worm that we’ve always known. The Heavy is a huge worm that moves incredibly slow and rarely jumps the distances you want him to but is definitely built like a brick @$%& house. He will absorb massive amounts of damage and can deal it out in kind more so than your other infantry. The Scientist worm has a bulging head and will give your team a welcome health boost of 5 points every turn while he is on the field. Another bonus to the scientist is the boost he gives if creating defensive weapons such as a sentry gun. Finally your Scout is the most mobile of your army. They will move a lot faster than any other worms, jump farther, have better reach with ropes and jetpacks and so must be utilized in the correct manner. On the downside they will take more abuse from weapon damage than the rest of your army so strategy is a must while determining what classes to use and where.


All right, now for single player campaign. Narrated by Matt Berry, which I must say was quite hilarious and suiting for the style of game that this is, the single player campaign was quite satisfying. Consisting of 28 Puzzles and 32 normal missions giving you plenty of scenarios of mayhem. Now the veteran worm’s players will find most of these pretty easy to blow through, but the later levels did present me with a nice level of challenge and I often found myself replaying them due to mistakes I made or the seemingly ridiculous accuracy of the AI worms. But none the less, still very entertaining.


Now of course where Worms Revolution truly shines is in its multiplayer experience. Players have complete control over everything to customize there battles. Ranging from weapon selection and how many of each you get, health amounts, terrain settings, crate drop times, sudden death options, time limits, and many many more options. And whether you’re playing with friends or some poor sap far away, it never gets old tossing a holy hand grenade or exploding sheep into that foxhole your enemy thinks they are safe in and watching the hilarious mayhem that ensues.


All in all, this was a great experience for me personally. If you’re a veteran Worms’s player and fan, then you must get this installment. If you’re new to the series then give it a shot because there is plenty here to sink your teeth into and more than enough single player game play for many hours of entertainment. 8 Out of 10. Happy Gaming Everyone.

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