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Worlds of Magic

Worlds of Magic a game developed by Wastelands interactive and Lucid Dreamers Development, set in a style of 4x strategy which is explore, expand, exploit, exterminate, similar games that are in this style of genre could include Civilization, Master of Orion and Age of Wonders, Master of Magic which the game is being advertised by the developers as the true spiritual successor to the 1994 MS-DOS game Master of Magic.


Having played Master of Magic religiously when i was younger the day that Worlds of Magic was announced I was really excited knowing that one of my all time favorite games when I was growing up was getting the attention that it had never gotten, Master of Magic was a underdog of a game just due to a few bugs and poor marketing,

The second I started Worlds of Magic and the opening music started it was nostalgia city all over again, I was kind of disappointed that there was no opening cinematic like Master of Magic had, showing in about 2 minutes what this game was about showing 2 warring wizards seeking the ultimate magical spell in all of the land and one crushing the other with the might of their spells.


Aside from that i still had a feeling of nostalgia starting a new game seeing that you could fully customize your wizard but that there is not only 2 planes that you can be playing on but 7 total now another difference that was striking to me were the races compared to M.o.M. like the Half-lings,Klackons, Beastmen, Lizard men, Barbarians, Trolls were all omitted from this game but that could be due to balancing out the races that are there i did think that the Undead was a pretty good choice to put in

Spell Customization and wizard abilities on custom created wizards was a little lacking but still fully customize-able with different sub spell classes on top of the 4 elemental spells, when you are done customizing your wizard to specs that you like  you are taken to the open world which is very beautiful on a grid styled map to your starting city with 2 ample defending unit groups and it starts with some good tips for beginning players!

I did get a little disappointed with the city view the graphics inside the city view compared to the open world view were a little lacking and seemed a bit dated and i was running the game on the highest settings possible, other than that though I was still able to enjoy the game and when I had gotten into combat with for instance the neutral parties I really liked that they implemented the D&D styled D20 system with damage and attacks definitely made each battle unique on their own.

Encountering other players was a bit disappointing compared to master of magic where you had a full interaction with the other wizards you were competing against the system that they had in place seemed a little bland, you pretty much point and clicked on the options you wanted to negotiate with the other wizard for, I liked seeing the wizard’s reaction in Master of Magic when you tell them you are going to go to war against them,

Over all Worlds of Magic is not a bad game, it really has some pretty big boots to fill against Master of Magic, I’m not sure if i would say it is a true successor to it but I will agree it does influence the game very greatly game-play wise, it also does have the potential to improve upon itself and become the successor to one of the greatest 4x strategy games of all time, I will have to give Worlds of Magic a 6 out of 10 its a solid game and definitely worth a look at if you like turn styled strategy games.


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