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Within the Queen’s Court – An Interview with Yamila Abraham

Yaoi has always been a touchy subject in the world of anime/manga. However, the fanbase for this particular genre is unbelievably massive! Taking time from her loyal subjects, her royal Highness answered a few questions from my humble self.

1. What was it that made you first interested yaoi?

“Well, I was always interested in whatever this was, before yaoi existed in Japan. I loved male/male stories that appealed to women and couldn’t be sold to a gay male market. Then yaoi became popular in Japan and then the US and it was the thing that I always loved that didn’t have a word for it.”

2. When did you decide to want to start producing yaoi and whatnot?

“I wrote yaoi stories from age 7 but started my business, Yaoi Press, in 2004.

3. Why do you prefer yaoi over yuri?

“Yuri, to me, is exploitative toward women and I prefer to exploit men.”

4. Seeing that yaoi/yuri is very tongue-and-cheek in the anime and manga world, how would you defend it, if at all?

“Well, I never have to defend it to anime fans as they either like it or don’t. What I would have to defend it against are the parents of said fans and parents are concerned about their young daughters/sons reading pornography. So, we shrink-wrap it, put warnings on them and don’t sell to minors. People who are homosexual in any form, I do my best to not shove it down their throat. People can like it or hate it, but I’m not going to make them hate it more by trying to “convert” them to it.”

5. What is your favorite genre of yaoi to write or enjoy?

“I mostly do fantasy. But lately it’s been sci-fi or realistic types, called “male/male romance”.

6. How do you feel about being given the title “Queen of Yaoi”? Do you personally feel you have earned that title?

“I am greatly honored. Especially when they bow down!”

7. Do you have any future or planned projects coming up?

“I’m working on the Yaoi Prose Imprint doing yaoi erotica e-books. It’s been extremely successful with hits like “Malestrom”, “Vampire Slave” and “Incubus Master”. This is available through Kindle and anyone with a PC can read Kindle books now. Our newest graphic novel, “Punishment” just came out from Yaoi Press(Not to be confused with Yaoi Prose) and you can grab it off of Amazon.”


Coming from your fans, is the 3rd Volume of “Zesty!” scheduled for a 2013 release?

“There honestly wasn’t a high demand for it, so unfortunately it doesn’t look like it. I looked into a Kickstarter, but there just wasn’t enough interest in it.”

Fans of Yamila’s work can visit her site here for information and release schedules!

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