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Witcher 3 Impressions

Witcher 3 Impressions

Witcher 3.. is such a beautiful game, so beautiful I had to upgrade the rig I was playing the copy to review with on, it is definitely a resource hog but so worth it with how pretty everything looks the opening sequence shows a Immense battle between two armies and centering around a witch, which we see to be Yennifer from the second Witcher game, then opens on your character Geralt if Rivia as it also shows you a young Ciri and it takes you through a short tutorial sequence then you waking up from your dream talking to Visimir about what you just dreamt of then you go on your merry way into the first town of White Orchard in the tavern showing that you are in hostile territory and you can put to use the skills you had just acquired.

Witcher 2

                                        High Resolution (60fps)

witcher 3

                                            Low Resolution (low settings)                                                                                                                               

The controls in the game can be a little clunky while controlling Geralt as he is a bit slow to react from controller response but on an upside the game’s mechanics can tell on a dime which control settings you are using and switch it immediately I was going back and forth with my controller and keyboard with no issues but I ultimately stayed with using my controller and felt more comfortable with it in the long run.
Questing in Witcher 3 can be an epic adventure there are many upon many side quests, with at least a quest board in every major settlement that I have encountered so far with a handful of things to do if you don’t feel like messing with the main story and even while I was filling my map out I stumbled on quests to do and they can be the most simple of things or they can be detail length long quests.

Witcher 6

Another fun feature of the game is a card based game that you can play across the whole continent involving a 3 tiers of combat kind of like Pazak from the Knights of the Old Republic meets Magic the Gathering, where you have to get a better score than your opponent by playing strong cards and hinder their cards. You get better cards through vendors and by beating people you play which in itself is a side quest on it’s own.

Witcher 4

Item making and crafting is also pretty neat as to making better equipment depending on the smith you are talking to their skill as an artisan determines what you can have made from the materials you acquire and you get your materials from scavenging around, looting bodies or you can even break down items up to their most basic if materials that were used to make it, with potions you only have to make them once and you get 3 charges on it(maybe more?) and whenever you meditate(rest) you regain those potions if you choose to pay the item cost it asks for which I think is ingenious.

witcher 5

Well so far with the story I am very intrigued and this is a title I highly suggest checking out as this is such a big game I invite you to check back at a later date when we get a hold of the first dlc in October where we will be putting out the full review for this game.

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