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Whispers in the Wind – An Interview with Tanglwyst de Holloway

Multi-talented folks are very hard to find nowadays. Tanglwyst is one of those people. From expert author to making realistic cosplay armor, Tanglwyst has definitely made her mark on the convention scene and she was kind enough to offer me a fragment of her time to ask a few questions about why she loves to do the things she does.

1. Who or what inspired you to become an author?

“Katherine Kurtz. She wrote the Deryni Chronicles and that got me into the S.C.A.(Society for Creative Anachronism). In the SCA, I ended up meeting the people who would eventually become the characters in my books. In the end, those people inspired me to be an author.”

2. Do you draw inspirations from other genres when writing?

“No, not exactly. More like each individual will have a different aspect of the story to tell. So, the character “Dominic” for example, may have lived a nightmare, but does that mean he must become a horror story? There’s a mystery to be solved, but nobody here is Sherlock Holmes. Every life, regardless of how insignificant it seems in the grand scale, has drama. The story is in the drama, not the genre.”

3. About how long does it usually take to produce a single book?

“Series-wise, once a year. That gives me plenty of time to procrastinate! In truth, however, books 3,4, 6 and part of 7 are already written. 5…is being tricky.”

4. How did you feel after your first publication?

“It was a unique sensation when you see your book in print for the first time. Even in this electronic age, where icons for book covers have to “catch the eye” in a ¼ inch and we carry our libraries in our pockets, there is something about holding a physical copy of your book and proudly displaying where it belongs: the back of your toilet.”

5. Were you satisfied with its overall success?

“Oh, God no! *laughs* Your first edition, especially in the case of a small press, is your worst.work.ever! If I could, I would confiscate every copy in existence of my first book and make my sacrifice to the great Printing Gods, purifying the tomes through fire. It’s the only way to be sure!”

6. If you had to specify a genre as an absolute favorite, what would it be?

“I like writing fantasy-romance. I like reading Stephen King and I like living Lady GaGa. Or Weird Al. Turns out the two are interchangeable.”

7. If your current career would not have worked out for you, what would your alternative career have been?

“Being a “Con Personality”. Basically, doing panels on costuming and the like.”

8. Do you have any planned or upcoming projects?

“Yes. We are releasing the HCG 500-Calorie Cookbook this month. Preorders are $15. My first children’s book, “Little Bit and Big Brother Bunny” also releases this month. The 3rd book in “The Souls of the Saintlands” series releases in March 2013 and the company is looking to release two anthologies in the next quarter. Hopefully, I will have a short story in each of those. *fingers crossed* During the meanwhile, you can pick up my other articles “Stopping the Artificial Heart”,” Why I’m Weary of Barber Shops”, and “How to Set Yourself or Somebody Else on Fire” which are available in the Hugo award-winning online fanzines, The Drink Tank and Journey Planet.

All of Tanglwyst’s publications are available here!

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