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Animeland Wasabi 2014 Dealers Room

Animeland Wasabi was was under new management this year and there were quite a few changes, many of them very noticeable.
The new hotel this year was a welcome change to the last one, and with only a few traffic jams in the one connecting hallway there was plenty of room for everyone. What was most surprising to me was the lack of long lines for the elevator, somehow they managed to keep the lines to less than 10 people at any given time, I’ve been to enough cons to know that is some kind of crazy witchcraft all by itself.


What I liked this year was the major change to the dealers room. Last year’s dealers room did not have a great variety in selection, but this year remedied most of that. Last year the snack table was missing but this year not only was your standard selection of snacks like Pocky and Ramune but they also a table selling freshly made snacks such as Melon Bread. I personally love melon bread so this was a welcome change for me.

IMG_0475There were the Animeland regulars as usual, like Colorado Springs’ own Rainy Day Anime and Anime DVD Wholesaler Media Blasters, as well as DragonSong Forge, who was also responsible for managing the dealers room this year  as well. This year both the size of the room as well as the amount of dealers had increased, there were at least twice as many Dealers this year over last year and it made a difference. I personally found myself spending most of the money i brought with me at 2 dealers in particular.

IMG_0477The first was Anime Stuff Store which had a great selection of Plushes, Tshirts and Figures on hand. I picked up a Pancham and a Monobear plush myself from them.


IMG_0476The second was Anime Fan Zone which had a nice selection of DVDs, Plushes, T-shirts, and some cool miscellaneous things as well. I picked up a nice Eevee Plush from these guys.
Great prices and great selection from both of these dealers. I look forward to seeing them at future conventions hopefully.

IMG_0485A newcomer this year was Colorado Springs based Home of Heroes Collectibles. They had a rather impressive collection of action figures and toys for anyone interested. I found myself going through their Ninja Turtle toys and trying to find ones that i didn’t own as a kid. It was rather nostalgic. They are based out of the Colorado Springs Flea Market and don’t appear to have an official website, but i did manage to find an EBay Store for them if you are interested.

Animeland did a great job of keeping the bootleg merchandise in check this year as well. One dealer was caught trying to sell bootleg merch and was ejected from the con. A representative from Funamation was even onsite for the con to see for themselves. It would appear Animeland followed through with their promises to make sure this year was was not a repeat of last year in almost every way.

The Dealers Room this year connected to something new for Animeland. It was the Convention Guest area where the voice actors and celebrity guest set up their table for selling prints and autographs. Many of the guests were doing interviews, panels, or just wandering the Con, so there were times where many of the tables were empty, but all you had to do was just check back a little later and they had usually returned.
I didn’t get much time to view the Artist Alley this year unfortunately but i did manage to stop in for a bit and i picked up quite a few vinyl stickers from Decalzilla, which i have begun using to decorate things like my game systems, and even my car (once i wash it).

Overall i would have to say this year was a refreshing improvement. We’ll just have to see what next year has in store for us as well.

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