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Warky T. Chocobo’s New Album!

If you all remember, I had the privilege to spend some time with a very talented musician at AnimeLand Wasabi 2012 by the name of Steve Nunez, otherwise known in the convention world as Warky T. Chocobo! If you’ve forgotten about him, read about him in my AnimeLand Wasabi review here.

But, for those of you who are too lazy to go look(Which is cool. No judgements here.), I’ll give you a quick explanation:

Warky is known throughout the conventions as a brilliant musician with the uncanny ability to play music strictly by ear and a majority of the music played is from both video games(i.e. Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, etc.) and various anime series as well. On top of his astounding musical talent, Warky is also a voice actor! An example of his work is from the game Dungeon Fighter Online. So yeah…the man has mad skills. However, one of the big things he is known for outside of the conventions is he is the founder of a Mormon parody band known as They Might Be Elders. They have released 2 albums before and their parodies have rivaled those of the great Weird Al Yankovic! They have quite a few music videos on YouTube and their popularity is growing fast as the days progress. Now they are set to release a 3rd album and this time, they would love YOU to help out!

Enclosed at the bottom of the article you will find a link to the band’s Kickstarter page. There, you can make pledges to help this awesome band get this 3rd album out. Also on the page, you’ll find the track listing of the songs and artists that will be getting parodied, one of them being Rebecca Black(GOOD! She needs to get dropped about 10,000 notches, in my opinion.)! So what do you say, all? Show some love to Warky and his crew and make this happen! Of course, every level of pledge gets a reward up to and including the band flying out and performing for YOU and your friends! You ever hear Metallica doing something like that? Hell no, you don’t. Now, GO PLEDGE!!

Head to the band’s Kickstarter page HERE!

“Like” the band’s Facebook page HERE!

Visit the band’s website for more information HERE!

Purchase the bands previous albums via the following methods:

For physical copies, go here.

For digital downloads, you can acquire them via Amazon MP3, iTunes, or from here.

Wanna show some love to the Warkmeister himself? No prob!

Give Warky a shout on his Facebook page HERE!

Prefer Twitter? No issue there! Warky got himself a Twitter page too! Give him a “Wark!” right HERE!

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