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Wargame: Red Dragon – Now With Boats

With just a week to go until worldwide release, Wargame Red Dragon, the latest episode in the spectacular RTS series created by Eugen Systems, has added the eagerly-awaited warships to the Beta Early Access version!

Destroyers, frigates, cruisers and many other vessels are arriving to the thunderous noise of their guns and are available in the Early Access for players who have pre-ordered the game. The 4 exclusive screenshots unveiled today provide a glimpse of the epic maritime battles you can now fight in the Wargame Red Dragon Early Access!

In addition to extra units, the naval forces in Red Dragon lend a fresh strategic depth to the game, unlocking tactical opportunities for any commanders smart enough to exploit their power to the max, particularly on the designated game maps.

Don’t forget, though, there’s only this one week left to take advantage of the 25% discount during the pre-order phase.

You can pre-order the game on Steam and at their official website

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