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Wanderlust: Rebirth Review

Plot: Wanderlust: Rebirth’s story isn’t too in depth, and players will most likely find themselves skipping through most, if not all the dialogue once prompted to. The story is very simple; your hero is invited to a tournament to test their worth as heroes of old legend and is set upon a journey to save the world from the evil that plagues it. There are a couple of memorable characters such as the bandit leader who do make parts of the story interesting enough. The story starts upbeat and light-hearted but quickly turns dark as you progress halfway through the chapters.

Gameplay: Wanderlust’s gameplay is its best part. It has 4 player co-op online and has a very simple to use crafting system. There are 4 classes to choose from: Fighter, Cleric, Elementalist, and Alchemist. The game is best played online with friends, but in single player you get three NPC companions to fill the roles that you haven’t chosen. The fights get intense as it is fast paced and challenging. You need to balance damage as well as health to survive or you’ll end up dead in a single hit or take too long to complete a chapter. There are no levels in this game. Your characters improve their skills and abilities through the CP (character point) system. You get a good amount of CP for completing story chapters and especially the side quests. You can even re-spec your characters CP in the main lobby. Money early game is scarce and you most likely won’t be crafting equipment until late game. The easiest way to make money is the Dungeon Crawl mode where you are set in a random room from the story and are made to fight off waves of enemies for loot and tokens. Enemies in this game are smart and actually walk past the stronger character to attack the weakest of the group including NPCs from side quests. There are a few bugs in the game that are annoying such as sitting at the edge of the map and enemies not being able to detect you there or the screen bugging out in cutscenes. There also seems to be frequent crashing with online or some players will be invisible to others.

Graphics: The game uses 16 bit sprites. To some players it may sound bad but it’s perfect for this type of game. Everything is smooth and blends together well. There are a few places where it seems as though you can walk and there’s an invisible wall but those are only minor and don’t really affect gameplay in any way. The game does have a bit of blood and gore later which looks funny in a 16 bit game.

Music: The music sounds perfect for a game like this. The various songs fit the storyline perfectly as it varies from fast and upbeat to slow and very dark. The tracks, much like in other games, repeat themselves but don’t get overly annoying.

In conclusion, Wanderlust: Rebirth is a very fun game and worth the money. It is best played online with friends but single players can enjoy the game just as much. There are a few instances where the game takes a large dive in difficulty but it’s nothing that a change in strategy can fix. Overall, this game gets an 8/10 for its originality and extremely fun gameplay.

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