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Van Helsing the Untold Stories

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing came out of the blue. It was a game that I was honestly expecting to be very lack luster and boring. It has proven me wrong, and I am thankful for that. The game is something that with all the current titles out, is a very refreshing game.2015-11-29_00002

Yes it can be considered a Diablo clone, it with its various classes that you can select from the get go, but it’s mix of steam punk-ish settings and the story of a younger more daring Van Helsing and his banshee cohort make  this a game worth checking out and playing through to the end. At the time of this article being written the devs did actually release an HD optimization patch of the game. It cleans up the graphics a hair, but you can tell that the engine that is being used is dated, but the folks of NeocoreGames have put together a solid story driven hack and slash game. They did a very good job for a game that is considered to be an indie game.


The game plays out in the episodic fashion, well chapters, and as each chapter unfolds you are furthering the development of a new generation of Van Helsing. The great monster hunter we know has sadly passed away and when word reaches his son that someone requires the aid of Van Helsing he does what his father would have done and answers the call. As you proceed through the story you are aided in your quest by a celestial spirit and companion, Lady Katarina. She interacts with your character and the banter it well written, but the voice acting does seem a little mailed in.

The-Incredible-Adventures-of-Van-Helsing-screen-preview-4NeoCoreGames is a smaller company and they are working with what they’ve got. And again they have delivered a solid game. The UI is very simple and the controls even more so. Your two main are attack are selected at the beginning of the game and as you progress you level up different abilities that work alongside your two main attacks. These attacks are all tied to two mouse buttons and a few keys on your keyboard. They all come together to give you some serious damage even at low levels. The upgrading of skills can be daunting however. At  the time of this review I choose the Phlogistoneer, a steam punk styled exo skeleton wearing adventurer. That is one of six classes you can choose from. And those classes change the way you play the game, each with play styles that will fit just about anyone’s fancy.

The-Incredible-Adventures-of-Van-Helsing-screen-preview-2Now as I stated before this game plays out in an episodic fashion as that was how it was originally release, and now that it is being pulled together into on game I am glad that I go the chance to delve deep in to the Van Helsing world. It a good change of pace from the normal dungeon crawler that dominates the market. And the folks at Neocore Games have done a really great job. Released initially May 22 2013, Neocore Games have released the complete game November 6 2015 on the Steam market place. That being said this action adventure indie game is a solid 6 out of 10, and is worth the look if you are fan of Diablo styled games.

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