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Unusual Collections: The Attempt to Own Every Hockey Game Ever Made

Video game collecting is a popular hobby among game enthusiasts. There are a large quantity of websites on the internet dedicated to game collecting. On these sites, collectors post and brag about their collections with others. Collecting websites are also a place to discuss and track down hard to find games. Many are attempting to own every single game ever made for a particular game console. Tracking down and finding every game variant with others is key to having the most comprehensive collection possible.

One person among the collecting community is a user that goes by the name “M0T0420”. His collection is quite unusual. His goal is to collect every hockey video game ever made. That’s every hockey game, complete in box, for every video game console ever made. What’s unusual about this collection is that most collectors rarely seek out specifically for sports games. Most game collectors are usually only interested in old sports games when they are attempting to own every game for a console.

I recently interviewed “M0T0420” about his collection:

How many games are in your hockey collection?

As of 6-23-13 I have 136 complete in box hockey games in my collection. The coolest release in my opinion is the Mario Lemieux Hockey that came with a puck in a big box. That may be the only real special edition hockey game that came with something other than a player stat card or a pin or a pog. Its tough to try and find the older games on systems like the Commodore 64, Amiga, and some old DOS titles. To find them with the original box and the disk is just really tough but the good thing is there are not a lot of people looking for old sports games! As far as hard to find games I am left with Pro Sport Hockey on NES, Hockey Simulator not sure if its a DOS or Amiga release or both, Hat Trick Commodore 64, Face Off DOS and Commodore 64. And I think that may be it for the older game systems. I just need to fill holes in the PC, PS2, XBOX, PS3 and XBOX 360 systems to finish up the collection. And the last few titles for those older systems will take me longer to find than all the other games I need for all the newer systems! People just didn’t hold onto the boxes for the old PC games. And on top of that I need that person to have the original box, instructions, game, and list that 25-30 yr old game on Ebay so I can buy it. So even though I am 75-80% done with the collection it may take just as long to track down the remaining few older titles as it did for me to make it this far in my collection.

Why did you start this collection? What gave you the idea?

It started just like any other game collection, I got a hockey game. It was NHL 94, and not long after NHL 95 was released and as a kid I fell in love with them. And slowly I started to pick up the older hockey games for the Genesis like NHLPA 93 (worst title ever), NHL Hockey, just to see how they were. And next thing I knew I was only a game or 2 away from owning every hockey game for the Sega Genesis. And that’s when the idea came up that I could go for all the hockey games on NES, SNES, Sega CD, and Saturn. So I slowly picked away at each system and I started to come really close to finishing my goal. That was probably 5 or so years ago, and that got me thinking how cool would it be to collect every hockey game for every system ever made? I mean people collect the complete library of games for NES, SNES, Genesis, and the list goes on and on. And a lot of people collect all the games in a certain series like, Final Fantasy games or Zelda games. Why not do a hockey collection across every system ever made in the US? I had never heard of anyone having one or going for one. And that kicked me off into the collection I have now. And 2 2 1/2 years ago I made the decision that if I was going to own ever hockey game ever released I better start collecting PC releases.

When did you start this collection?

The collection started probably when I got my launch release Genesis for my 13th birthday in 1993. That was the Christmas I got NHL 94 and my love for hockey games began. As a kid growing up I was a huge hockey fan and the town I lived in was a huge hockey town. My dad used to play ice hockey, we would play a lot of pond hockey in the winter and street hockey all summer. So hockey was my first sport I really fell in love with as a kid. And naturally hockey video games were high on my list of games I wanted to play!

What is your favorite hockey team?

Growing up in Massachusetts I’m a huge Boston Bruins fan, and also the old Hartford Whalers! And as a Bruins fan you have to be excited for the Stanley Cup Finals this year. Just sucks we are now down 3-2 but the last team to come back from that deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals was the Bruins in 2011! You have to keep the faith and Believe!

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