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Unchained Blades Review

Unchained Blades is a recent addition to my JRPG collection. The game is developed by FuRyu  and published By XSEED.

The story starts around Dragon Emperor Fang, who travels to the goddess to ask her to tell him who the most powerful person in the world is. The Goddess Clunea becomes irritated with his arrogance and strips him of his powers. Fang finds himself returned to his human form he took as a youngling and without his dragon powers. He sets out to find his way back to the Goddess for revenge and to regain his true form. You will encounter a multitude of character to join your group such as a cowardly golem prince, a shy Medusa priestess, a young phoenix clan princess, and several other interesting characters each designed by different anime and manga artists.

So let us get down to the details, this game while it has an interesting story and battle system the gameplay is a throwback to the days of the dungeon crawlers like the old D&D video games but with a few twists. One thing that I was a little disappointed with was the maps, as you move through the dungeon you will notice that contrary to the character designs the maps look very generic and repetitive.

The main party consists of up to four characters four followers per main character. The Followers are essentially recruited enemies that assist you in battle in various ways such as taking hits for you, attacking, healing, and even performing chain attacks.
Using the game’s Unchain system while in battle you are able to try and convince enemies to join you as a Follower. If you succeed they will then join their party and assist whichever Master you assign them to.

Now there are several battle types you will come across including turn based to a quick time style button pressing battle involving 2 armies fighting each other, and this keeps the gameplay interesting enough that you don’t get bored as quickly with it. The battle system also allows you to Auto Battle if you are feeling relatively burned out on fighting at the moment, which can be a blessing when you just can’t grind anymore or you just want to quickly leave a dungeon.

Now because of the varied combat modes and the extensive leveling system I recommend paying as much attention as you can to the numerous tutorials or you may find yourself at a distinct disadvantage during gameplay.

The game is available for the PSP on the PSN now and will be available for download on the Nintendo eShop later this year, but I could not find an exact release date at this time.
Now everything considered I enjoyed playing this game and recommend it to both PSP and 3DS owners.

8 out of 10

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