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Ultratron Review


Ultratron, an arena action game from Puppy Games seeks to revive the arcade classic of top down shoot’em ups. This game has a very arcade feeling and presentation so there is a lack of “story progression”. The game is very “Kill bitches, Get Money”. With upgrades galore and plenty of levels to die on, Ultratron certainly brings that oldschool arcade feeling to PC owners.

Set in a cyberpunk-esque environment you are a robot that shoots other robots. With plenty of purple and blue to go around the game’s visuals are rather simple, but sophisticated enough to not have everything blend in, which is more than I can say for other high budget titles that people play these days.

Watching from the bird’s eye view you will use your standard gun to shoot approaching robots to earn money and points. These points increase after every level with a multiplier if you do not get hit. This is a feat that gets harder and harder after every boss. The money doesn’t scale well so it makes the game that much harder. The amount of upgrades you get is quite daunting. Luckily you unlock them as you go.

ss_a2cc8236afa3801e0f6b1be34d1cef41dda4174b.1920x1080The upgrades go from your basic shield/bombs to helper bots. These upgrades can get rather expensive so it is very much encouraged to not get hit so you are not spending all of your funds on shields. There are also two challenges that happen and they offer extra money for getting a perfect score but like the game, they are really challenging.

The levels can get pretty crazy with the amount of enemies and bullets on screen. You can also get in level upgrades that alter your shots to bounce off walls or shoot three ways. These also stack up so you can have a dual shot bouncing off walls etc. They do have a usage timer so the more you use them, the faster they go away.

Ultratron is a throwback to oldschool top down arena shooters with some more modern flair with the upgrade system. If you enjoy arcade style games that are just fun with no need for stories or character development this is a game for you. It is fantastic to play when you have to kill time or take a quick gaming break. I give Ultratron an 8/10. Great throwback, great fun. It is rather short and the money scaling is a bit too low for my taste though.

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