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TRIAL Films presents new project: “Power Chord”

If you recall…back in January, Koku Gamer was lending support to a project called “The Will of One”, a fan-made Mega Man film done by the independent film company, TRIAL Films. Well unfortunately, the film fell through. Now before you get all pissy, Capcom was actually okay with the film being made. However, the knife in the heart didn’t come from Capcom, but the band known as The Protomen. I won’t go into specifics, but they pretty much screwed TRIAL Films over. Needless to say, this is why The Megas are a much better band because they aren’t comprised of a bunch of assholes. Anyway, it took a bit but the brilliant minds at TRIAL Films have come up with a completely original, epic and amazing new project entitled Power Chord.

I won’t give much away, but the premise goes like this:

“It’s a story about a group of gamer youths who find themselves in an extraordinary situation. Thrust into a world of conflict led by Militarized Mega Gaming Corporations that secretly desire to harvest the strongest emotions from young gamers in order to fuel their weapons of war. In this cyberpunk-influenced reality, proxy war and proxy disasters are commonplace. But the greatest threat that looms over the horizon is an abyssal extra-dimensional species seething with darkness and malice. Their goal is to drain the world dry of the emotions they crave to survive and leave it little more than a barren wasteland. The only thing standing between the power-hungry companies and these new diabolical entities are a group of kids, gifted with unnatural powers. Their group’s leader unwittingly comes into possession of a legendary weapon, the Power Chord. It is here the crew of anti-heroes and the Samurai Guitarist make their stand to decide the fate of humanity.”

Now, I know more about the film then that…but, I’m not saying anything more. Oh, did I mention that this will be a 6-part series? Of course like last time, the movie will need a bit of funding. However this time, the tables have turned. The movie will be funded with love, dedication and from the pockets of the film crew. But you can still help and this time, the rewards are amazing!

TRIAL Films is having a prize drawing. For each $5 you pledge(Via PayPal please!), you will be entered into the drawing. So for those of you who suck at math(I suck at math too, so don’t feel bad! ^_^), if you drop $20, then that’s 4 entries for you. Get the idea? Now, the prize is your choice of a complete PS3 System complete with a PlayStation Move kit or a complete Xbox 360 system with a Kinect kit! Dude, that’s damn near 3-400 bucks right there and you can win it for only $5!! For people who don’t win the grand prize, no worries! You will receive a shirt(In whatever size you want)for the film that is only exclusive to the cast and crew, which is not a bad deal considering how epic this movie will be.

Now, I don’t want you to think that they are looking to make money off of this. To set the record, TRIAL Films will be donating all proceeds from the film, merchandise and everything else to a charity called Ricebowls.org, an organization that helps needy kids all over the world via partnerships with orphanages and various facilities. So you see, in pledging you are are not only given a chance to win a cool new console, you’re supporting young local artists with their own stories of hardships and triumphs who want to express their creativity. Moreover, it’s about supporting these artists collective desire to make something worthwhile. Something you people should invest in. Something that will proudly earn RiceBowls.org more support to help children in need. It’s a three part donation all in one action!

In closing, let me just say that this film will be epic. The premise is amazing, and the passion radiating from the crew is stellar. Also, Koku Gamer’s own Zach “Crowbar” Martinez will be one of the protagonists in the film, but here’s another dose of information…Yours Truly will be in the film as well! Not going to tell you as what, but let’s just say I’m done with the side of good for once. If you have the heart and the desire to see this film come to fruition and possibly win a console of your choice, then click on the link below to pledge to the cause! If you want to “Like” TRIAL Films on Facebook, a link to their page can be found in the “Staff” section under “Partnerships and Affiliations”. Make this happen, folks!

Donation to TRIAL Films

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