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Toukiden Kiwami Review

Remakes, Remodels, Clones, HD Remasters….all of these seem to be the latest craze in the gaming industry. Dynasty Warriors makers Omega Force have brought us Toukiden Kiwami a newer version of Toukiden Age of Demons previously releases on the Playstation Vita. Kiwami however is available on both the Vita and the Playstation 4. Although Toukiden is known as being the “best Monster Hunter Clone” around, and frankly it is, it still is incredibly entertaining and has plenty of originality in of itself. Kiwami 1

Toukiden has replaced monsters and dinosaurs with mythology. You are chosen to be a Slayer, someone who protects the world from the ever growing Oni threat (Demons). The village you are based in is on the front lines of the battle, so you must learn the tools of the trade quickly. If you have played pretty much any monster hunter title at all you can jump straight into this game with zero issues. You have to choose a main weapon ranging from a long sword to a spear or several others. After that you are able to accept quests the start off easy and as you progress will become more and more challenging. You will start by slaying a few measly goblin like creatures that are more funny to watch than dangerous, and eventually work your way up to fighting demons larger than houses.Kiwami 2

This game did make an attempt at telling a story which was something that usually was lacking in the Monster Hunter series. Personally I would say it does a better job than its predecessor but the story line still felt a little dry and generic. This doesn’t really take away from the game however as the game play is really all that matters in this entry. The actual combat is very easy to grasp and is surprisingly fluid. And one original addition to this game is the use of Mitama. Mitama contain the souls of long gone Slayers of the past which once equipped will grant you certain abilities and attributes to make you/your weapon stronger. You can find mitama inside many of the Oni that you slay throughout the game. In addition to all that, you can take up to 3 NPC characters on your missions with you. These characters are actually very helpful and is a welcome addition.Kiwami 3

Kiwami has brought several extra additions that Age of Demons did not have. We see several new weapons including fire arms and a spiked club known as a Kanabo. A few new characters are added as well such as the villages leader Soma and his right hand woman who both assist you as you grow into the chosen slayer. Plenty of new mitama have been added since Age of Demons as well. Around 100 new souls to collect and equip which helps diversify your own play style. The diverse bestiary of the game is impressive as well and the appearances of larger creatures on the PS4 is really detailed. kiwami 4

Overall Toukiden Kiwami was a very entertaining game and potentially a massive time sink. If your a fan of the Monster Hunter series you’ll love this game although I fell you should treat it as its own entity and not a clone. Its easy to jump into and get the hang of for new players and veterans alike. Personally I loved the appearance and atmosphere the game gives you and had a great time with it and will continue to do so. 7 out of 10. Happy Slaying.

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