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Top Ten Hottest Manga Men

Manga, almost everyone has read at least one. We all have felt entranced by the story line that can come with it, and we have all seen the designs for the men (shoujo or not) they can be found captive to see in the stories. Here are a few of the top ten that could give any male celeb a run for his money.


10. Sesshomaru-Inuyasha



Once you get past his desire to kill his younger brother Inuyasha. Sesshomaru makes the top ten for his seductive looks. He is tenth because he is a very rough demon, being born of two demons he has hate towards his younger brother Inuyasha who is a half breed. Sesshomaru is around 500 years old (beat that Edward) and is a dog demon, He allows a human to travel with him, named Rin showing that he isn’t as hateful towards humans as he lets on. Sesshomaru does have a short temper and is willing to take it out on anyone that annoys him, giving no one a real chance of getting close to him other then his two traveling companions. Even then he seems distant, also despising the human race.


9. Takeshi Momoshiro-Prince of Tennis

Momoshiro is a character most have come to love from the series Prince of Tennis, for his witty comments and joking nature. In the beginning people might find him as one of the annoying characters. He is around 13-15 and not as tall as most would think standing at 5’5. Momoshiro lets people now he would rather be called Momo-chan getting rid of any informal titles. He may be overall a great guy, and fairly attractive. But he isn’t one to lose easily and is very competitive and usually a one set track mind.


8. Lelouch Lamperouge-Code Geass

Lelouch hits number eight not just for his looks but that he seems to go off a bit of his rocker as the series continues. Girls seem to woo over him. Lelouch is set on going against his fathers beliefs, To achieve this aim, he believes that the ends justify the means; he is willing to commit evil if it means bringing down a worse evil in the process. Lelouch also has strong beliefs concerning death and killing. Notably, he states several times through the series his belief that “the only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed.” He may be attractive, but is definitely not every girls dream boy.


7. Takuto- Fullmoon Wo Sagashite

Appearing with Meroko and calling themselves Negi ramen, made many laugh and chuckle leaving them to wonder more about this character. Takuto is a very nonchalant character, but usually has a temper building inside from either Meroko’s or Mitsuki’s stupidity.He committed suicide after loosing his vocals. He may be attractive (and very shoujo) but to the point of it; if you can get past not being able to see him or speak to him, then go on right ahead and love this little kitty cat!


6.Kaito-Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

Kaito, prince of the sea. Kaito was a lonely boy as he grew up from his parents dying when a tsunami hit the cruise they were on. The only reason Kaito is alive is he was saved by a mermaid and for the rest of his life he had searched for her and became a surfer so that he could keep near the ocean. As he got older he found a girl who reminded him of the mermaid and soon figured out he was a prince of the sea.


5.Kanda-D Gray-man

Kanda is just like Sesshomaru even though he doesn’t despise everyone alive but he is a quiet person. The quiet ones always seem to have the most intelligence and don’t like to rub it in peoples face.


4.Hikaru-Ouran HighSchool Host Club

Being one of the two twins in Ouran’s host club, he seems to be the more moody of the two and feels closer to Haruhi in a way. I feel he is more carrying since he went out in a thunder storm to find Haruhi, and comfort her in her time of need. Though he has the traits of being carrying he is also stubborn and would rather be close to his brother making girls squeel at the host club’s main room.

3.Kaname-Vampire Knight

Kaname is of the undead night class at Cross Academy. He is a bloodsucker, but he still has compassion to people. Along with coming up with blood tablets that allowed vampires to not need to feed on humans. He has the looks to attract but also is a beast that isn’t one to be messed with or to mess with who is important to him.



As to why he made second is L is a man with a mind but still has time for sweets and can stay skinny thanks to his brain power. Dying fast in the manga mad many fan girls cry and not want to keep reading, so he may not have the looks but he did attract easily enough.


1.Sebastian-Black Butler

Beating all the rest at number 1 is Sebastian, He hasn’t been around as long as most of the others but apparently he knows how to steal hearts of fan girls easily, with his cooking skills and ways of just looking sexy for everyone to enjoy!

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