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Top Ten Hottest Manga Girls


Manga is unique in that it opens beautifully drawn worlds and thought-provoking storylines that can capture readers attention of any age. Also, boobs. You would be surprised at the women who could easily captivate the minds(And various other body parts) and such of the reader. Here are ten who could give Megan Fox a run for her money.

Notice: I didn’t include any from flat-out hentai series.

10. Urd- Ah! My Goddess

The Girl:  Urd is the older sister to Belldandy and Skuld, and a second-class Goddess. She’s very powerful magic-wise,  with an extensive knowledge of potions. Also, for some strange reason, she travels through television screens.

The Beauty: In a show where every female had the opportunity to make this list, Urd stands out, for her power, lack of honesty, and headstrong nature. She could definitely make an interesting girlfriend.

Why number 10?: Because eventually, you’ll make her angry, and I get the feeling Urd can take Domestic Violence to an entirely new, horrifying level. Also, because Urd stands out in her manga, but not so much in manga in general.

Also, her name is Urd.


9. Chi- Chobits

The Girl:Chi is a persocom(Persocom = Personal Computer. What the hell, Chobits) . But not just any Persocom!  She is a Chobi (plural is chobits), an advanced Persocom, with better technology. I suppose technically this makes her an android, But that still qualifies her for this list. She’s gets found in a pile of trash, in the very beginning, and gradually learns from the outside the world as she begins to become more and more human.

The Beauty: Chi may not be number one, but she definitely wins in the adorable category. She makes all these little adorable missteps like a foreigner in a new country, and simply showing her how stuff works would guarantee a good time.

Also, her “On” button is on her crotch. Take that where you must.

Why number 9?: Because for some reason, Chi’s childish demeanor makes it seem like it is very creepy to be even slightly attracted to her. She treads dangerously on the line between “Innocent” and “Pedo Bait”.


8. Fenris Fenrir- Ragnarok

The Girl: Fenris Fenrir kicks ass, and she’s going to need to kick a lot more of it, if she expects to end the reign of the Gods and prevent Ragnarok.

The Beauty: Fenris is definitely “manhwa”‘s answer to Lara Croft. Stunning, but willing to absolutely mess your shit up if you come at her the wrong way. She’s also quite intelligent, giving her brains,beauty, and brawn.

Why number 8: Because while she is both intelligent and powerful, her passable looks don’t really compare to some of the others on this list.Had this article been most powerful, she probably would’ve ranked a little higher.


7.  Vivaldi- Heart No Kuni ( No Alice)


The Girl: Vivaldi is based on the Queen Of Hearts, from the original Alice In Wonderland. She preserves the superiority complex of the original Queen, But she also trails off, slightly. This is mainly due to the whole “secret room of stuffed animals” thing.

The Beauty: You may not know it, but there are actually several different incarnations of the original Queen Of Hearts. Vivaldi takes the cake, however, by managing to look precisely as unlike the original Queen as possible. Her appearance is very regal, and gives a sense of high-class.

Why number 7?: Unfortunately, she still has that whole decapitation fetish. I don’t  know about you, but I am definitely not aroused by someone threatening to remove my head.


6. Belldandy- Ah! My Goddess

The Girl: In the second appearance of Ah! My Goddess, Belldandy is the kind sister of Urd and Skuld. Very emphatic in nature, Belldandy’s sweet personality and quick-to-forgive attitude makes her a largely loveable character.

The Beauty: When it comes to looks between Belldandy and Urd, there is no contest- Belldandy is astounding. A sweet, beautiful woman, she would be a great choice for someone you would take home to mom.

Why number 6: Belldandy pushes ahead of the others on the list because she has that sweet, adorable type of personality also used by Chi, but at the same time, has the beauty of entries 7-10 combined.

Also, I’d rather take home someone named Belldandy than Vivaldi and Urd any day.

5. Shizuma Hanazono- Strawberry Panic

The Girl: Shizuma Hanazono is a highly respected and dignified student at  St. Miator Girls Academy. She’s commonly seen flirting with the main character of the series, Aoi Nagisa.

The Beauty: Shizuma does not go for the schoolgirl appeal. She comes off as mature and gallant, and her flirtatious mannerisms are a definite turn-on.

Why Number 5: She likes girls. The male in me was forced to factor that into the equation, plus her status. But for some reason, her age ranges from 11 to 18 from what I’ve seen. That is definitely not okay.

4.  Maki and Miki- My Dearest Devil Princess

It was literally impossible to find a picture of them separate.

The Girls: Yep, I literally couldn’t decide on which one, so I just combined ’em for the sake of the article. Maki and Miki are both candidates for the position of Queen in the Demon World. Maki first must reap a soul, and Miki is trying her hardest to stop her from doing so.

The Beauty: Maki and Miki are both inhumanly hot. And I don’t just mean beautiful, I mean on fire(Get it?!?!). Look at that picture. Would you really turn down an advance from either of these devils?

Why number 4?:  They’re both so brilliant, from their looks to their attitudes. When it comes to looks, their both near the top rung of the metaphorical ladder.

3. Yoko Littner- Gurren Lagann


The Girl: Yoko is the protective, rational character in Gurren Lagann. She’s a skilled shooter and pilot, always a good combination in an anime about giant robots.

The Beauty: Yoko is the lead female in Gurren for a reason. Though her outfit comes off as fanservice to me(She claims clothing ‘restricts movement’), she has every right to show herself off.

Why Number 3?: Yoko was almost number 2, until I learned everyone she kissed is dead. So unless you want to experience a Mortal Kombat style kiss of death, Yoko is better off avoided.

2. Ami Eun- Unbalance x Unbalance

The Girl: Ami Eun is the quiet friend of Ji-Soo. I suppose she’s technically an antagonist, because she finds out about the  secret relationship between the main character and his teacher, and uses it against him.

The Beauty: Oh, come on, look at that picture! Ami is one of the greatest things committed to paper. Even if she’s shy, her body more than likely would still keep her in most men’s peripheral vision.

Why number 2?: Ami was close, but unfortunately she hates men, or at least it seems that way. That definitely pushed her back a little bit. The last thing anyone wants is a crazy significant other. Who beat her out for the number one spot?


1. Saeko Busujima- High School Of The Dead

The Girl:  Saeko Busujima is a 3rd year student at Fujimi High School. After the outbreak, she joined up with the surviving students to kick some ass. And God, does she kick ass.

The Beauty: Saeko is an absolute goddess. She has almost all the good qualities of everyone on this list, and combines them into one jaw-dropping package. She’s beautiful, intelligent, and willing to murder as many  zombies as humanly possible. That’s like every nerd’s dream and/or very disturbing fantasy.

Why number 1: Because Saeko is perfection incarnate. She’s everything anyone would ever want in a girl, with a lot more thrown in for the hell of it. In this humble writer’s personal opinion, Saeko dwarfs everything any other girl in manga could ever aspire to be. Without a doubt, she earned the number one spot.

Much gratitude to Sara Carlson for her much needed suggestions, And Bryant Montgomery for the header image.

Do you want to applaud my mad literary skill? Berate me for leaving out your favorite character? We have a comments section for a reason.


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