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Top 6 Most Wanted Weapons in Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter franchise has definitely left it’s mark since it’s debut back in 2004. With every subsequent release, Capcom has added more and more content with most of that content being new monsters. But what about new weapons? Yeah, it’s cool we get new monsters to kill, but can we get some new weapons to slay them with? Currently, there are 12 weapons:

-Sword & Shield
-Dual Sword
-Long Sword(Think katanas)
-Great Sword
-Hunting Horn(Don’t knock it! It’s quite useful!)
-Gunlance(Because Lance wasn’t enough)
-Switchaxe(Essentially an Autobot’s penis “special part”)
-Light Bowgun
-Heavy Bowgun

The list is designed to compliment the player’s style of play. Recently, several gameplay trailers for Monster Hunter 4 revealed two new weapons:The Insect Staff and the Charge Axe. Now, that’s cool of Capcom to start adding some new weapons. But…I felt I needed to throw up a list of what I would like to see in a future Monster Hunter…so here we go!



A katar is essentially a big-ass punching dagger and it’s origin is from India. Now, this one goes on the list first to satisfy all those dual-wielding lovers out there and to show that everyone gets a mention…more or less. Katars could be used much like the Dual Swords, but with a reduction in power in order to trade-off for speed. Rather than relying on the Demon Mode for fast hits and combos, the game could allow you to use combos already designated for the weapon, but you would be required to upgrade your weapon to unlock them. Also, different versions of the katar would have different combos as to allow diversity in play style. Sharpness deterioration would be the lessened a bit to compliment this change.



The Tanegashima comes in at number 5. Essentially an arquebus, the tanegashima is a Japanese matchlock rifle made popular during the Sengoku period and changed the way war was fought in Japan forever. Now, Monster Hunter already has it’s fair share of ranged weapons, but I was thinking of something a little different. Since you have to keep the match constantly lit, it would pose a challenge to hunters, especially if you are up against monsters that are water-based. But, in return for dealing with the problematic issues surrounding the nature of the gun itself, you would get a massive increase in attack damage as well as an added elemental attack bonus. Maybe not one of my best suggestions, but something to think about.



Yes, Xena fans, it’s a chakram…ugh. This weapons operates like throwing a Frisbee, only this Frisbee can cut off a limb. A chakram can be used a couple of different ways in Monster Hunter…it can be used similar to the Boomerang, making it a consumable item, but with more power…OR…it can be used as a primary weapon, similar to the chakram in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. If it’s the latter, then the chakram would have a boomerang-like effect, allowing it to be thrown out with it always coming back to the user. Different button presses would result in a combo, and like all bladed weapons its Sharpness will decrease, requiring you to use a Whetstone to give it a once-over.



Ah yes…the old work-issued tool of Death…or just a normal tool if you’re like Amish or something. Anyway, a scythe can be used for large, wide sweeping attacks which would make it good for crowd control. Also due to it’s size, it would be technically classified as a heavy weapon. So, while the motions would be slow, it would make up for that in attack power. The fact that you would be able to swing your blade vertically and horizontally would also assist in cutting off tails with ease. One additional thing to add is that this weapons would feature a sort of “dash-and’slash”, meaning that your Hunter would dash forward and bring the scythe around in a 360 degree motion, effectively slicing anything within that area. Could be pretty sweet!

10 Foot LoneStar Bullwhip, 16 Plait Brandy


Okay, so before you raise an eyebrow, let’s look at the benefits this weapon could have. For one, it would be an unbelievably fast weapon with incredibly quick strikes. So once again, trading attack for speed. Now the other thing that this weapon could do is ensnare monsters, but ONLY if they have parts on the body that can be ensnared and they cannot be broken. Once a monster is ensnared, a button mini-game would start(Somewhat like whenever you go to pull a Nibelsnarf out of the sand after stunning it)and if successful, you yank the monster onto the ground. The fall would put it into stunned status and allow other Hunters to wail on it a bit before it gets back up. Instead of a Sharpness meter, you would have a Tension Meter. Depending on what color range it is, depends on how easily a monster can be ensnared and taken down. So obviously upgrading it would raise that stat, eventually allowing you to effectively ensnare almost any monster!


Gauntlets & Greaves

Yes, I am aware that the picture above is Beowulf from Devil May Cry 3. But cut me some slack, alright? Anyway, this comes in a number 1 and for many reasons. Aside from having balanced attack and speed, the G&G weapons would allow you to block attacks, but not block everything. Compare the blocking to using a Gunlance set…you can block stuff, but only so much. So, attack and speed would be balanced, as I said earlier, but you would be able to utilize pre-exisiting combos, which would change and/or unlock as you upgrade the weapon or change entirely. Now, remember when I mentioned blocking? Sure, you can block…80% of the shit in this game, but when you use the G&G, you would have a Guard Meter. The Guard Meter would always stay full, but when you block an attack the meter depletes based on the severity of the attack. When the meter is empty, you character is blown back and immediately stunned until you can shake it off. After the stun wears off, your Guard Meter would begin to fill back up automatically, just like the stamina bar.

So that’s that! That’s just some of the weapons I would personally love to see in future Monster Hunters. If you have a weapon you would want to see, then by all means comment below and let us and the community know your thoughts. With that said, I’m off to finish my Gigginox X set!

Until next episode…

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