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Top 10 Video Game Vixens

Video games have always gotten a bad rap for being sexist. Apparently there is a lack in feminine heroes. When there are they are busty typical images of voluptuous women. This is incredibly false, while these females are busty and fit the stereotype they are portrayed as strong independent women who despite their looks choose to fight against wrong and be heroines. These women are not only chosen for their looks, but also their personalities, whether quirky or serious. The main term for these women are vixens. Here are my top 10.


 10. Madison Paige (Heavy Rain)

Madison Paige was one of the four main characters in  the fantastic PS3 title, Heavy Rain. Many of you may  remember it being one of the first launch titles for the  PS3 and being rereleased with PSMove support.  Madison was a reporter who took it upon herself to  investigate the Origami Killer and if you played your  cards right would gain the love for Jason’s dad and  suspected killer Ethan Mars. There is a very voluptuous  scene with Madison as she takes a shower. She has everything a man wants, but be careful, if she gets cornered she can be a feisty one. She escaped an exploding apartment building, escaped certain death from a crazy doctor, and uncovered the mystery of the Origami Killer. Her independence as well as her…assets make her a candidate for this list.


 9. Rayne (Bloodrayne)

Rayne is a vampire who is not afraid to kill everyone she sees. Destroying the typical vampire stereotype is  what she does. She doesn’t hide from anyone, and she is not shy from exposure with some of her clothing  choices. With her mobility she needs tight leather and have half of it missing to get around. She may look  innocent but she will kill you in an instant if she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. She also revealed a  more “sensitive” in an issue for Playboy. Her curves and deadly personality make her one hell of a woman.




8. Samus Aran (Metroid)


She was always seen with a mechanized suit. People did not know who she was. She was just Samus. Upon revealing herself as a woman hero in video games that was a male dominant system she shocked the masses and she earned it. Interplanetary space travel and fighting off giant monsters keeps you in shape. No one expected Samus to be a woman, and she has become an icon and brought female heroes to a whole new level.





7. Isabela Keyes (Dead Rising)

Isabella is that South African beauty everyone dreams about. She has style, a killer personality and a hidden agenda. Wait, that last one may not be so good. She may wear heels during a zombie apocalypse but that does not change the fact she will kill anyone, dead or alive. While her brother is a bit crazy your first encounter with her is not during the greatest situation. With an accent to boot and a body that says, “I know I look good but I don’t care I will kill every zombie in this room” you know she is trouble and you want to bring her home to meet your mother. Mainly because she has to for the reason you live in your mother’s basement. The dead aren’t the only think rising…if you know what I mean.







 6. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

Princess of Outworld, so in other words, daughter of the tyrannical and ruthless Shao Kahn you know she has some baggage…on her chest. Sindel is her mother and even though Sindel is on the older side she still has a massive set of…distractions. Kitana is built like her mother and that much is clear. She is no princess who always gets captured by the same baddie, this is no Zelda Gannondorf or Peach Bowser story. If Gannondorf wanted to take Kitana away he would be leaving this plane of existence and go straight in a six foot hole in the ground. This princess means business and her brash nature is only a shield. She hates her father and wants to make Outworld a better place. She has a soft spot but she will kill you in an instant if you get in her way. Deadly at martial arts and having dual bladed fans she is a princess that refuses to stay in the castle.






5. Ivy Valentine (Soul Calibur)


Who says gigantic boobs don’t help in fighting. Ivy is a fighter that everyone seems to love to look at in the model viewer. Sporting a large chest, thick thighs, thin waist and a whip sword she is equipped and dressed to kill. However, her lack of clothing seems to be impractical at best as well as her whip sword. A cool weapon yes, but one slip up and you are a goner. With as much armor as Ivy has it shows she is one skilled fighter.







4. Chloe Frazer (Uncharted Series)


Chloe Frazer is the brunette beauty that has a thing for Drake in Uncharted 2&3. She has an Australian accent and need for danger are her selling points. With an athletic physique she seems to be every man’s dream if they wanted to be in constant danger. Nonetheless she looks great but it really is that accent and lust for danger that makes you with she was real.








3. I-no (Guilty Gear)


I-no is a guitar wielding psychopath from a different dimension. You may as well call her Haruko’s long lost sister. She is the only one who knows, That Man. Which says a lot on her crazy bitch factor. Her revealing outfit means nothing because she can do whatever she wants. She is the only one who knows That Man for a reason. That should be reason enough to fear her. Just because she is crazy doesn’t mean she can’t look good when beating your ass into oblivion.




2. Alyx Vance (Half Life)

I will admit Alyx has a special place in my heart. Every hero needs someone to fall back on. Alyx is that person Gordon Freeman can always count on. She has the stones to stand with the best and fight for freedom. Women that aren’t afraid to ally themselves with someone else are the women that deserve a bigger part. She brings more meaning to the term support character. She may look nice, but she is the last thing the Combyne see.



The number one winner is Darkstalker’s own succubus, Morrigan.

Morrigan has many reasons for being number one. Mainly because she is supposed to be the perfect woman. She is a succubus and she uses her powers of seduction to lure men into her trap and take their soul. It is what they do and Morrigan from Darkstalkers does it well. Out of many Capcom characters Morrigan makes plenty of appearances. Her body is supposed to look perfect, she is the perfect woman and she uses it to get what she wants. The crazy part, she is one hell of a fighter. Morrigan is a demon and she has supernatural powers to shoot missiles. Yes, missiles. Along with turning her wings into deadly spikes etc etc etc. If she can’t have you, no one will!


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  1. Stephen says
    March 5, 2012, 9:42 AM

    Alyx is Not a “vixen”in any way.

  2. Ray says
    March 5, 2012, 5:51 AM

    Plus 1 on Madison Paige….datass!! And plus 1 on Chloe from uncharted, the top 2 video game chicks ever, so realistic looking!

  3. geoduck says
    March 5, 2012, 5:38 AM

    What about Orchid from Killer Instinct????


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