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Top 10 PS2 HD Remaster Collections (Wishlist)

The PS3 and Xbox 360 have gotten a treatment recently with receiving HD Remasters of franchises from the previous gaming generation. While the 360 has only received a few of these collections (DMC, Silent Hill, MGS) the PS3 has been getting more. While many people will think these are a waste of time considering many people still own the PS2 games like ICO and Devil May Cry 3, there are plenty of people who have missed out on the titles getting HD remasters. With Zone of the Enders and Ratchet & Clank getting additions to the list there are a handful of titles on the PS2 that deserve the HD treatment. This is a Top 10 HD Collections Wishlist.

Disclaimer: The games that qualified to make this list had to have more than one game. It is also games on PS2.


  1. Dragonball Z: Budokai & Budokai 3
    This may sound a bit ridiculous to make an HD Collection for a fighting game but let us face it. The recent DBZ fighting games have been trash. While the idea behind Ultimate Tenkaichi was pure, it was very poorly executed and the only positive factor was the large roster. DBZ Budokai had everything fans wanted in a DBZ game, roster, art style, controls, and story coupled with the original Funimation voice cast from the show. While the DB 3D fighting games have somewhat flown under the radar it is about time Bandai re-released two of the best DB games.
  1. Viewtiful Joe & Viewtiful Joe 2
    Yes, I know that these games were originally on the Gamecube but they were ported to the PS2 later on. Nonetheless they fit my guidelines for making this list. Viewtiful Joe spans across multiple games and most recently he represents Capcom in MVC3. The series is well known for the quirky storytelling and unique gameplay. The characters are unforgettable as well. Bringing this series to a current generation console such as the PS3 with HD graphics would remind gamers of a golden age in gaming where thought and care actually went into development.
  1. Manhunt & Manhunt 2
    The Manhunt series is infamous for gaining controversy everywhere but North America. Currently it is banned in Australia and you can get fined for having the game in your possession. The dark and violent themes present in the Manhunt series are unique in their own genre. I like to think of Manhunt like the westernized Silent Hill due to the survival horror aspect. Minus the whole supernatural thing of course. What made Manhunt and Manhunt 2 so good was it did not rely on the violence to make it good. While the game would not be the same if blood was replaced with a gray color and called sweat ( I went there), the fun gameplay is what made the games nice. Games should have challenge and the Manhunt games had that.
  1. Hitman: Blood Money & Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
    While I cannot say I am the biggest fan of the Hitman franchise the release of Absolution is approaching and this would be a good time to reintroduce people to the previous games. While Blood Money is already on the 360 and Hitman 2 was ported to the PC the games were very much made for the PS2. What separated Hitman from other stealth third person games was how the game presented itself. Hitman rewarded the player for staying true to the idea of being a hitman. Made evident by the Silent Assassin rating being one of the hardest things to do in the game. The games took skill to do well and it is a unique franchise. Square Enix owns Eidos now, so this is very viable.
  1. Dark Cloud & Dark Cloud 2
    While I would love to see Toan in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale the Dark cloud series is one I have fond memories of. I was relatively young when I first played it and I could not appreciate it as much as I do now. This is another series that was well received but it did not gain as much popularity as you would think. Action RPGs are on a downslope but there are a few exceptions like Dragon’s Dogma. Maybe if the Dark Cloud series was revitalized with an HD remaster it would rekindle the idea that action RPGs are fucking awesome. The fluid gameplay with brilliant storytelling made this series one to remember.
  1. Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army & Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon
    Quite the titles if I say so myself. The Devil Summoner SMT branch spans across three games and two platforms. The first being on the SEGA Saturn and the other two being on the PS2. Having experienced the genius of these games I can safely say that there is no other game quite like the Devil Summoner series. The JRPG gameplay is somewhat similar to the real time aspect like Star Ocean but the game revolved around taming demons. It is difficult to explain just how great the Devil Summoner games are in just a paragraph. The games are published by ATLUS and the series has been forgotten.
  1. Summoner & Summoner 2
    Not to sound like a hipster but the Summoner series is a franchise you may not have heard of. Developed by Volition (Red Faction and Saints Row), Summoner was a different game. In 2001 the game did not stand out and by the time I got my hands on it, it was in the bargain bin. The game was difficult to get into and the controls were not the best. They were very much fixed in the sequel and it was a much better game. The game has a small cult following and now people know of the title for the unique gameplay. The plethora of magical spells you could cast were all in real time so it took some strategy to play.
  1. Xenosaga 1, 2 & 3
    The series is a spiritual successor to the Xenogears franchise with 3 having a character resembling the main character of Xenogears. As the CEO of Koku has stated, “Xenosaga is like Xenogears without the political bullshit.” Which makes perfect sense considering the atmosphere of Xenogears. Xenosaga was created by Tetsuya Takahashi, creator of Xenogears. Despite having the relation to a previous franchise the game plays out totally different and the combat system was buggy and unorganized at first, but it was improved in the sequels. What I really liked about Xenogears was the story. It was very sci-fi and the characters were so well developed. The voice acting as well done as well. It was a unique game and yet another example of a golden age in gaming.
  1. Star Wars Battlefront & Battlefront 2
    With the cancellation of Battlefront 3 (for the better) it made me think of the PS2 classics. I have yet to find a game that shares the unique kind of chaos presented in Battlefront. The class system was balanced and every class had a counter. The game types were also very well done with a version of TDM and CTF. It was also a very well done multiplayer game and I wish more games were like it. The second game introduced Jedis but when you would play as them it pretty much became Dynasty Warriors. A HD remaster of this series would help show people what multiplayer gaming is really about. With the availability of PSN it seems like an even better idea.
  1. The Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai
    These games were some of my favorite games on the PS2. The fantastic combat system and unique lock on components made the Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai incredibly fun games to play. There was a fantastic blend of full on action combat with stealth elements. Rise of the Kasai overdid itself with adding more characters to play as. There is not and most likely never will be a game that shares the same presentation and gameplay that The Mark of Kri and Rise of the Kasai had. It gained bonus points for having a Polynesian background. Seriously, how many games feature Polynesians? If I was to wish for a HD Collection of any kind it would hands down be these two games.
This is my wishlist for games to get HD Remasters. Comment on some games that you want to get HD Remasters in collections. Of the collection released, which are your favorites?


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  1. Vasquez says
    September 28, 2012, 10:12 PM

    Shit… I also forgot to mention; why didn’t you include Hitman Contracts? Cool list, at least it’s not comprised entirely of Japanese RPGs, like some lamers would bitch about.

  2. Vasquez says
    September 28, 2012, 10:10 PM



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