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Hello Noxx150 here once again with a review of titanfall that hit the shelves on March 11, 2014 this review in itself is extremely late due to some confusion on my end but here it is. And staying true to my own style this first section is going to be a brief history lesson on the developers Respawn Entertainment which I myself find most interesting. Respawn was created once Activision fired both Jason West and Vince Zampella for “Breaches of contract and insubordination” and so the duo left with about forty other employees (good job there Activision) and so April of that year the two formed the company now known as Respawn Entertainment partnering up with EA (voted the worst company in America two years in a row in terms of employee happiness).  Working with little money and resources to finish small designs EA put the brunt of their support into the operation creating titan fall which saw the light of day at E3 2013. Titanfall itself is mostly if not completely multiplayer based as the company figured out that in terms of FPS game players play multiplayer considerably more than the campaign mode.


Story: Titanfall literally has no real story, yes there is lore behind why there is a war which is what I’m going to talk about the game, but in itself does not have a real story mode it is a story without a set hero. The ‘Story’ mode within titanfall contains nine missions that you choose either to play as the IMC or Militia. Sooner or later you will play both because you want to unlock the titans so you can play with them in the online multiplayer mode. You’ll be going through specific points and fights for points across the frontier. The storyline is pointless in every aspect of the game itself no matter what side you play with all seems the same (Sometimes there are fixed points where you talk to different people that tell you to do just about the same shit). Only thing required of you in this unneeded mode is the complete all 18 missions to unlock two new titans (Why did I have to sit through this much bullshit for two mechs is beyond me).

Characters: Titanfall has no main/hero character so the individual pilots you encounter within the game have just as much chance as being useful as you and often times do things the same way if not better than you can. On the MCOR side you have characters like Sarah, who was supposed to be the protagonist  before the shift in development no to have a main character, but her story is generic as any main character in plying the batman effect (Lost family due to IMC doing unneeded illegal shit and she vowed to take revenge on the IMC blah blah). Marcus Graves is another generic character (This is a common occurrence of FPS games because the targeted audience does not care about characters mostly) Vice Admiral Graves is formally known as the Cincfront (Whatever that means) or Commander – in – Chief.


Gameplay: Ah, heres here we get into the meat of the actual game this is where Titanfall and just about every FPS game. Titanfall is fluid and surprisingly balanced because of the anti-titan guns, players who have it makes having titans in the field more manageable at the same time players can jack titans master chief style. Even with all this getting one the field is still a pretty big deal hell f you feel overwhelmed by the anti titan stuff you can eject out of your titan and nuke it to kill anyone whose trying to take it (If I can’t have it no one will have it!). With ten primary weapons, three sidearms, four Anti-Titan weapons, and six titans all with the total of fifteen map’s gameplay is thrilling and exciting. One of the weapons is known as the smart pistol that auto locks onto a target for an insta kill to fps players this gun may sound like the dreaded noodtoob but in fact it’s quite the opposite; Locking onto the NPC’s is instant however when you aim at another player it takes considerably longer. While it is a noobish weapon, it was in fact made for new players to be able to jump into an online match and get a free kills (Unlike In most FPS games where new players are completely wrecked) and as so it is a welcome addition to the game itself. Wall running, boosting and jumping from building to building adds a whole new level of gameplay that is rather addicting as you can shoot while wall running.

Game Modes:  Titanfall features five game modes of 6 v 6 with different objectives for each, real quick I want to say that this game functions off 6 v 6 team archetypes with the rest of the humans being NPCs (Farm for titans)

Last titan standing: Your team must kill every titan/pilot on the enemy enemy team. A round based mode, and the team that wins the best of five rounds wins the whole match. There is no respawning or titan replacement until the next round.

Attrition:  Generic classic mode

Hardpoint Domination: Not much to really say just capture a hold three points on the map for points.

Capture the flag: Generic capture the flag

Pilot Hunter: Kill or be Killed (Sounds like classic mode)! Kill the enemy pilots to gain points and win

Graphics – PC vs Xbox one: With the Xbox one only able to render in 720p and a PC having nearly no limitations the PC has far greater graphics than the Xbox one can even put out (At least the PS4 can sort of keep up). Regardless of that fact the game  environment looks beautiful as well as its characters every map is unique in its own way and calls attention to the eye as there’s so much to see and appreciate (On  a side note the Xbox one’s shadow are weird and most shadows cast are near impossible)

All in all this game is great, but I feel as though it’s just a large beta of a game for what’s coming next. I think that the six verses six game types with nothing but NPCs to fill the gap, the lack of a very wide range of titan classes as well as the small amount of guns within the game itself all feels like the company is merely getting their feet wet, one things sure I’m waiting for the next version.



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