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Thunder Wolves Review

ThunderWolves 2012-12-10 17-09-55-51

It doesn’t really get more one-dimensional than Thunder Wolves. Coming from Most Wanted Games, Thunder Wolves offers a simple, arcade helicopter action shooter. The game’s basic story takes you on a course of 13 missions as you mow down your enemies with unlimited ammo supplied by your helicopter.

There’s really not that much too Thunder Wolves. While it does offer some change in action, all the gameplay in all 13 missions are essentially the same. The story seems a bit irrelevant and not really necessary to consume, although that is expected with this type of game. It’s essentially a mindless shooter. You control a helicopter while performing a few variants of the same objectives throughout every mission. The games revolves around holding down the R2 trigger which activities your unlimited machine gun. With this weapon, in combination with your rechargeable rockets, the game in essentially won by endlessly plowing down opponents.

The action gets old real quick. The game does send you in different types of environments, including underground, but every level is the same as the last with the differences being merely cosmetic. Every mission involves a handful of objectives: kill enemies and destroy environments. The game is completely repetitive, once you completed the first few missions, you basically have a feel for the entire game. The game does break away from commanding a helicopter and offers other types of gameplay, but it isn’t anything great. Once you make it through the campaign once I don’t see any reason ever to go back.

During these huge battles you’re often being attacked from every direction. Someone spectating may consider what’s going on the screen to be absolute pure chaos, but while playing you often feel very little effect in what is being engaged on-screen. Death is not really a concern in Thunder Wolves. With unlimited machine gun ammo and regenerating rockets, you also have what seems to be “rechargeable” health. You simply never feel in danger from any enemy attacking, they’re merely a minor annoyance. If your mowing down enemies in front of you while being attacked from behind, there’s no need to worry, you’ll get them eventually without any concern of them actually causing some damage. It also seems impossible to crash your helicopter. You can literally try to crash by running your propellers into buildings, but your copter will never go down.

Thunder Wolves was definitely meant to be an arcade shooter. But the problem is that it’s too much like an arcade shooter, too mindless, too one dimensional. Hold R2, never let go and you’ll be fine.

Final Score: 5/10

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