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This Just In: Sony Wins the Console War

With deafening cheers rallying their announcement, Sony has done it by not doing anything at all.

Specifically, they won’t be doing anything that the Xbox One will be doing.  This includes:
Refraining from requiring an internet connect…
Avoiding the restriction of game trading…
Declining the urge to remove ownership rights from purchased media…
Deciding not to make their console fail if a video recorder isn’t plugged in and working…

Even more shocking, the PS4 will be launching at a lower price point:
$399 in the USA
€399 in Europe
£349 in Great Britain

While Microsoft was able to showcase more games and more exclusive titles, Sony was able to show many games planned for the PS4.  A few stumbling blocks for gamers is the addition of a price requirement to play online multiplayer games; The PS4’s release date was announced to be “the holidays”, with the cloud service being pushed back to 2014.  But as an added bonus, if you’re still undecided about which console to support, Sony has produced a helpful video to explain a slight difference.

Source: IGN and IGN

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