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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Review

To celebrate Final Fantasy’s 25th year Square Enix decided to make a Final Fantasy game like no other. A music based game, brilliant idea if I do say so myself, do to the fact that the music for FF is one of the reasons why I enjoyed the games so much.  The game revolves around a music crystal that went out and in order to revive it you have to tap and slide away with your stylus to the beat of whichever FF song you happen to be playing at the time.

There are 3 different modes that you can choose from while playing, there’s Story mode, Challenge Mode and the Chaos Shrine, Odviously the Story mode allows you to play through every Final Fantasy game all the way from 1 to XIII, for every Story mode game you finish you’ll be able to play in challenge mode, allowing you to play each level on a harder difficulty (that is if you thought story mode was to easy) and Chaos Shrine gives you dark notes allowing you to play different songs through out the Final Fantasy series, everytime you complete a dark note another one gets unlocked allowing you to play that one, there are 99 dark notes in all.

Story mode is pretty fun because they break it into 3 separate parts, the first part allowing your character to run through a field while having to tap or slide your way to victory, then you get to be horribly distracted by playing another rhythm puzzle while clips from whatever Final Fantasy game you’re playing is playing in the background, but in 3D. The 3rd part is my favorite because it goes battle mode, where you and the rest of your team get to battle monsters and boss’s ranging from whichever game you’re playing, the number of items you get at the end depends on how many boss’s you were able to kill before the song is over.

If you ever find that your friends are starting to ignore you because you’re spending your life playing Final Fantasy, have no fear because Theathrythm is a multiplayer game allowing up to 3 people to play with you at one time, sadly however you and your friends are only able to play Chaos Shrine, but hey at least you and your buddies get to stay friends.

Square Enix also threw in a leveling system into Theatrhythm because hey what’s a Final Fantasy game without fear of seeing the GAMEOVER flash across your screen.  Well by leveling your characters up you’re allowing your HP to raise making it so it takes more misses to end up dieing, it also raises your agility so if your a tad bit late on hitting a target you’ll be fine. They also threw in abilities and items to allow you to try and get that little edge in to make your characters a little bit stronger.

There are Profile cards that you can create and if someone else is also playing theatrhythm or even just has the game in there DS you’ll trade profile cards with them allowing you to get an item if they thought to attach a song to there card. So while you’re not even trying to you’re making friends with more Final Fantasy fans thus allowing the Final Fantasy community to expand like never before. While also playing through out the game by completing levels you will start to collect different colored gems, by collecting 8 of a certain color you’ll unlock a secret hidden character, after being unlocked you’ll be able to play with him on your team.  But now the fun begins because now you get to play with new characters and do to the uniqueness of the game it’ll never get old allowing for many hours of fun and hardships.

Out of all the hours spent playing Theatrhythm and it never getting old, I would have to give the game a 9.8/10.


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