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The Witch and the Hundred Knight Review

Developer NIS has brought us another RPG game in its well known artistic and colorful style. Although this time around instead of the normal Strategy RPG its an Action RPG in the form of Witch and the Hundred Knight. Released only for the PS3 console on March 25th of this year, the game brought us the same kind of character types much seen in the Disgaea series. The main cast seems to been comprised of the sarcastic quick witted and prone to throw around insults crew that we have come to know and love, although I must say Metallia (your master and creator) just seemed alittle bland and more like an angsty child. You play as the magical being known as the Hundred Knight who at the beginning of the game has no real free will or intelligence of your own. As the game progresses you will develop a strength of will through decisions you make further opening up more options down the road.pilar bloominghundred knight

The main goal of the story is for you as witch Metallia’s servant, to cover the world in her magical swamp and eradicate the other witches in her way. You do this by making these magical pillars that resemble flowers bloom, thus spreading the swamp. As you make your way across the land engaging in overly simplistic battles that truly can all be won in simple hack and slash style you will occasionally run into a town or village. You can buy weapons and items at the shops although I found myself rarely if ever using these as I found all the gear I needed by defeating enemies. Another option is to raid all the homes and shops in the town dominating them in the name of Witch Metallia. All you have to do to win this mini game though is be a higher level than the building you are raiding so the luster was lost on this aspect of the game.

The battle system was quite simple and easy to use although a little disapointing. The upside was the combo system where you can equip multiple weapons of various types such as Blunt, Slash, Magic, etc to do different combinations of attacks based on the type of enemy you’re fighting. You have the option to use abilities and special attacks although the time and effort required is usually wasted as you can simply hack the enemy to death in less time. The Hundred Knight sports a GigaCal counter that will slowly count down with every move and action you take in the field. Its a glorified stopwatch that counts down your remaining time before you must return to Metallia to reset the counter. And doing so takes less than a minute or two so it felt like a wasted action and restrictive system without much value. gameplay

The music much resembles all the other past NIS titles and that is a good thing. I often found myself humming along to the catchy tunes that were all very familiar having played many other games from the developer. And the art style as always was very appealing to the eye with well created characters that all looked unique and landscapes that were vibrant and colorful. The characters did improve as the game progressed as well which was nice as I found myself looking forward to the next group of beings I would encounter to make the story go on. Having said that the development of the Hundred Knight and Witch Metallia left a little to be desired.boss fight

Overall I found the game fun and easy to jump in to. The controls and tactics were easy to learn and understand so anyone could play and enjoy this title. I personally enjoyed the wise cracks and sarcastic characters within although I wanted a little more depth to them for an RPG title. The game felt like a true NIS title and didn’t leave me dissappointed as a fan of the developers style in game but once again, it just felt like there was something missing. If you are looking for a simple fun action RPG to jump into this game is perfect in that regard. If you’re looking for an in depth RPG experience, look elsewhere. I personally enjoyed the game regardless, and give The Witch and the Hundred Knight a 6 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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