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The Will Of One: Mega Man film in production!

Recently, it was brought to my attention that a film is being made based off of the first album of the indie band, The Protomen. For those of you who don’t know of them, the Protomen are a progressive, rock-opera band who have basically created an alternate story and point of view of the first Mega Man game, with Protoman being the protagonist. Now, as a 25+ year veteran of the Mega Man series, I was honestly a bit skeptical. However, after actually listening to the Protomen’s first album, I can understand just exactly what these guys are trying to achieve. But don’t take it from me…watch this video and let them explain what is going on.

Yes, that is Koku’s own Zach Martinez and he, along with Sean Fearnow, have been campaigning this project for awhile. But not just that, mind you. They’ve been campaigning the revival of Mega Man Legends 3 alongside the revival community, Get Me Off The Moon.

. This campaign is solely dedicated to bringing back Mega Man Legends 3, as the end of Mega Man Legends 2 left poor Mega Man Volnutt on the damn moon.

The movie, however, is the big picture here. There have been numerous attempts in the past to create a Mega Man movie, most of which turned out terrible or just flat-out stopped during production. These guys, on the other hand, know what they are doing and have the drive and desire to get it done. Fans of the Blue Bomber I implore you, if you truly want to see an actual, good movie based on that series that has given us nothing but joy and entertainment since December 17th, 1987…then click on the link below and sling a few bills their way.

Stating for the record…as the Director and CEO of Koku Gamer, we are behind this project 100% and will continue to support and promote it until it comes to fruition. You can speed this process up by donating a single dollar or more, should you choose to. Let’s make this happen…let’s bring Mega Man back to life!

Donate Here!.

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