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The Showdown Effect Review


Paradox Interactive has released a new PvP game for those privy to that kind of thing. For the price of 10 USD you can play an over the top action 2.5D action game set in a late 80’s action movie theme. Complete with wailing guitars and gratuitous action fights that would make Steven Segal movies look like My Little Pony. Does this game have something to offer other than a satirical atmosphere? Well, the game’s sort of a hit and miss.

This is a PvP strict game, no bots and no singleplayer here folks. I see no problem with this because I have grown to accept the fact that multiplayer is something developers are capitalizing on. However, there is lore for the atmosphere you are in. Based on the classic theme of 80’s and 90’s action films players of a competition are competing for fame and glory in a series of death-matches. The art direction is nice and you do get a good feeling of oldschool action films which is something to say in the pseudo-futuristic environment that game developers are attempting to capitalize on.

Gameplay revolves around killing your opponents with various weapons you have equipped prior to starting the match or by picking them up as you play. The weapons range from firearms to melee weapons. I guess the best part about this game is the variety. Even though a guy could have an M4 you can still take him down with a katana with some fancy footwork. That is if you can get used to the clunky controls. I would suggest playing the training mode because the jumping in this game feels a bit delayed.

TheShowdownEffect_Screenshots-22With a system that prides itself on customization there is always something new to unlock. Weapons, different clothing, perks, you name it. All the things Call of Duty popularized with their multiplayer is in this game. Unlike Call of Duty though, the game feels more balanced. That is something to behold in this day and age of multiplayer-centric communities. Short of content and gameplay variety Showdown Effect other than unlocking more stuff for your character the game kind of falls flat and leaves you with a feeling of something missing.

Despite the game being 2.5D it is quite hefty on the graphics so be sure to check your specs before you purchase the game. You cannot play this game with low framerate. It is like trying to play league of legends with 10-15 fps. Coupled with the somewhat unfriendly controls you will find yourself dying quite a bit. There are not many video settings to adjust the graphics either. So there are no low medium high sliders to increase the performance of the game. There are just two settings under the video tab.

The Showdown Effect is undoubtedly on the right path, but the game kind of leaves you hanging with the gameplay. While the fast paced combat and great atmosphere the game needs more reason to play it other than death-match. Maybe it needs more game modes I can’t necessarily pinpoint on what the game is missing. Regardless, for 10 USD the game is well worth it if you have the comp to run it above 20 fps and when you get used to the controls. I give The Showdown Effect a 7/10.

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