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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons

The Legend of Zelda has been one of if not the most popular and successful video game franchises of all time. I’ve been a huge fan since I could remember, and love the feeling I get every time I pick up a brand new Zelda game for the first time. The installments on handheld systems were a huge move for Nintendo and subsidiary companies, and the co release of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons was amazing for the time period following in suite of the Pokémon games. Although very similar in graphics, controls, sounds, etc, both games are completely different stories with different dungeons and people. I highly suggest getting both games for the true Zelda fans out there.


Both games will give a decent amount of hack n slash game play as well as the puzzles and mysteries Zelda is known for. Having said that, Seasons is easily more of the hack n slash while Ages is a lot more challenging in the puzzle department. Both games have there own individual bad guys unique to themselves, but both are also very much the same style of game. 8 dungeons apiece where the player will gather either the essences of time or the essences of seasons. A lot of favorite weapons return such as the feather and master sword, along with several new weapons such as a magnetic glove and new seed satchel. The seeds will grant you powers or can be used against the enemies, examples would be an ember seed lighting things on fire or a Pegasus seed improving speed.

An interesting bit of information is that the games are actually able to link together (if you still have a Gameboy color and link cable). If you beat one game, you will receive a passcode that when starting the other installment you can enter allowing you to keep a lot of your equipment and weapons right from the get go. This will also somewhat influence some of the people within the game as well. And after beating both Ages and Seasons, you can link them to fight the true evil doer of the franchise, Ganon. This little incentive is great for hardcore fans.

The new environments aren’t the classic Hyrule that everyone is familiar with by this point, it’s a new land called Holodrum. But you’ll be glad to know there are a few familiar areas we have seen before. Subrosia makes another appearance and looks great in these games. All the favorite creatures are here as well including the gorons and octorocs. Both games are still amazingly entertaining to play even on the now outdated system.


The games are truly based around the individual your trying to save (a different oracle in both games, hence the names) and the unique special weapon you get. In seasons, you obtain the rod of season used to change the weather and environment. Need to get across a lake, change the season to winter to freeze it and walk across. This creates many (yet simplistic) puzzles for this version. In Oracle of ages you obtain the harp of ages, used to let you jump through time. This is one reason ages is a much more puzzle oriented game as you can assume the challenges time travel would present. These special items are a Zelda franchise classic, much like the ocarina or other such artifacts.

The story is simplistic yet has a lot of depth and brings you the classic Zelda experience. Paired along with new characters, new weapons, new world but same old Link that we all love how can you not like these games? For Zelda fans and true gamers alike, highly recommend both of these amazing games. 9 out of 10

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