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The Legend of Legendary Heroes Review


The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Review

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes anime is fantasy, adventure, drama, and comedy all mixed into the same series. The series starts with you meeting the two main Characters mid-quest to find one of the legendary relics known to hold and bestow incredible power to whoever wields it. We find out quite quickly that the main male Role Ryner is lazy and really wants nothing to do with their entire mission and would rather take naps all the time. We also learn the main female role Ferris is a steadfast woman devoted to her kingdom, mission, and beating up Ryner along the way.


The king of their home kingdom, Roland, Sion Astal was the one to send them on their quest for the legendary relics in hopes to make their kingdom more powerful than the other to put an end to the war between all the major kingdoms. He also believes that by gathering all of the ancient relics, Ryner maybe cure of the cursed power he was born with known as the alpha stigma. His alpha stigma allows him to mimic and learn any kind of magic regardless of which kingdom it’s from.


As always though, there are those in the shadows attempting to prevent the king’s plan from succeeding. As in politics there are people on the inside and outside trying to prevent the king’s plan, which they believe will be the kingdom’s downfall. Unfortunately for them, the people elected a Hero king, which means he had fought and won for their country in previous years using his brain and magic. Trying to dethrone him is a lot harder than they could’ve ever imagined.


Overall the story is very addicting, you are always wondering what is going to happen next. You never know if someone else has some hidden power or secret that could change the fate of their country. The best part by far is you are not always in suspense, the humor of the show allows you to go through the motions with the characters, and if you get as attached as I was then, you will be crying at the end.


Unfortunately, like all anime it has its faults. All the characters have either some kind of disturbingly awesome power or some personality quirk that seems to either ruin their charm or just makes you wonder what the artist was thinking at the time. For example, Ryner has the alpha stigma, capable of destroying the world. Ferris wields a huge sword and is an awesome warrior, but loves to eat dango. The king has spilt personalities, the king’s right hand man has a hand of destruction, and one of the other kings from another country has a power that can destroy whole armies but has to take a part of his body whilst showing off his lovely pink hair.


As good as this anime is and as attached as I grew to it, the beginning was hard to get into just because of how much it skips around. You have to make through a few episodes before you really know what’s going on and the story stabilizes. I may just be slow or I may be right, but there was the concept of building a kingdom of afternoon naps implied throughout the entire series and it was even brought up at the very end it and it made absolutely no sense other than Ryner was trying to do something while he was bored in prison.


My overall view of this anime is that people that like adventure anime should definitely watch it. If you are one of those people who can’t sit through three episodes before you hate the series, you might want to find something better to watch. As someone who is very picky about the anime I watch I recommend this series to all anime viewers, even if you aren’t heavily into anime.



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  1. January 24, 2013, 6:08 AM

    I believe this amazing article , “Koku Gamer | The Legend of Legendary Heroes Review”,
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    read. Thank you-Art

  2. XDarkPhoenixX says
    December 31, 2012, 3:52 PM

    Of course one should add the last 4-5 episodes made no sense what so ever. ep 22 Ryner gets a weird tattoo ep 23 it’s gone with no explaintion as to what it was. Also at the end of ep 24 you see his old chick friend but she was In prison in gastark a few eps earlier. So annoyingly confusing.

    • Beau D. says
      January 2, 2013, 8:14 AM

      It’s called continuity and from what I understand, it’s quite rampant in anime. But ti takes a special “eye” to point out stuff like that, so kudos to you!


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