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The latest Playstation 2 releases


Released in Europe on November 8th, 2013

Despite being released nearly 14 years ago and having two successors, games are still being released for the Playstation 2. The question many are asking is how long will games continue to be released for the platform. For the last two or three years or so, many have been speculating what will be last PS2 game. Whenever a FIFA game would get released, many blogs and forum users declared it the final game for the PS2 ever. But then FIFA would get released for the PS2 the following year, making all of those claims invalid. The reality is that it is currently unknown what will be the last game released for the PS2. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions when declaring the latest game release on the console to be the final one.

But what was the latest game released on the Playstation 2? The answer to that is Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which was released on November 8th, 2013 in Europe. The PS2 version of the game was not released in other regions. To give some perspective the first Pro Evolution Soccer game was released on the PS2 in 2001. Based on fan feedback, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 for the PS2 is almost identical to the previous version of the game, with only a few roster updates.

In total only four games were released for the Playstation 2 in 2013: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, FIFA 14, Final Fantasy XI: Adoulin no Makyo, and Don 2: The Game. FIFA 14 was released in September in Europe and North America, being distrusted in Latin American countries and not the United States. Like Pro Evolution Soccer, the latest PS2 edition of FIFA is almost identical to the previous version. EA acknowledges this by designating these types of sports titles as “Legacy Edition”.

Adoulin no Makyo is actually not a stand-alone game, but an expansion to the long running MMO Final Fantasy XI. This is Final Fantasy XI‘s first expansion since 2007 and was released only in Japan. Don 2: The Game was released in India in February of 2013. It was developed by India game company Gamashastra and based on the India film Don 2.

In 2013 we saw the release of several Playstation 2 titles. We will see any releases for the console in 2014? What will truly be the final game for the console?

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