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The Guided Fate Paradox Screenshots and Trailer

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Renya who wasn’t very lucky. One day, as he was walked through the local mall, a girl in a maid costume beckoned for him to try his hand at a lottery.
Hesitantly, Renya made his way over to the device and turned the crank, wholly expecting his usual poor luck to kick in and for him to win nothing.
However, this time, something was different.
This time, Renya won the Grand Prize.
And the Grand Prize…is to become God…

A story-based dungeon RPG!
Players take on the role of Renya Kagurazaka, a high school boy who has “won” the chance to be God. He has
also gained the ability to fulfill people’s wishes with the power of a machine called the Fate Revolution Circuit.
In addition to deep and fulfilling gameplay, The Guided Fate Paradox offers players a compelling story with
characters illustrated by Noizi Ito (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Shakugan no Shana)!


Insane customization options!
One of the staples of the Rogue-like genre is getting loot from enemies in dungeons, and this game is no different!
You can equip drops immediately, and equipping items will change your character’s appearance. Equipment
ranges from cool armor to wacky race car legs! Plus, each weapon has its own special attack or bonus skill that
is flashy, exciting, and often ridiculous! Expect the usual NIS over-the-top antics!


Infinite Variety!
Dungeons are randomly generated, so a new challenge will present itself each time. Themes range from fantastic
fairy tale castles to zombie-riddled graveyards. Each map is rotatable for strategic planning and to find the best
view of the action!


The Guided Fate Paradox is an RPG in the Rogue-like style.
Rogue-likes are known for their appeal to hardcore gamers who enjoy dungeon crawling and finding loot. If a player dies in a dungeon, they lose all levels and items they obtained up to that point and must restart essentially from scratch. The meat of the gameplay is the dungeon adventuring, while the story is usually little more than a set-up for the adventure.


The Guided Fate Paradox takes the best part of this subgenre (tons of loot, strategic gameplay, random dungeons) and couches it in a tale worthy of any other great RPG franchise.
The game also features more depth than other games in the subgenre, in that players can increase Renya’sbase stats permanently—they will not be lost even if he perishes in battle. Special loot can also be stowed away for later use, removing one of the most frustrating elements of typical Rogue-likes.
In this way, the title takes the bests elements of both genres and fuses them in a dynamic and fresh way!
Different from other Rogue-likes, The Guided Fate Paradox allows you to customize Renya independent from leveling up. By using items in battle and having them reach “Burst” mode, Renyawill receive an item that will allow him to power up his core stats by placing it on a board.

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