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The Galaxy Has Updated Its Status: Redshirt Coming Soon

Ever notice that the future we saw in Star Trek lags a little bit behind even our own present? There’s no Facebook, no social media narcissism, no collecting friends and followers just to increase our own illusion of self-worth. What a dreary world.

Tiniest Shark and Positech bring you Redshirt – a better, cleaner future where progress through the ranks of a militarized space hierarchy depends on your skill, your experience and whether or not you invited the right people to the right parties. So get working on that friends list. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to get your relationship status just right.

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Redshirt is the brainchild of Mitu Khandaker, founder of the one woman indie studio The Tiniest Shark. Khandaker was named one of Develop Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2012 and is now completing her PhD part-time at the University of Portsmouth.

She brings her own love of space and experience working in social media to Redshirt, a comic exploration of how our favorite expendable ensigns would manage a space station while also saving time for making friends and influencing people

Redshirt is coming later this year, but if you have any questions about the game, the developer or which Enterprise captain would have more Facebook friends, be sure to drop me a line. We’ll get you some answers

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