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The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack – Available Now On Steam!

What’s with all these wannabe heroes with their battlesuits and touchy-feely melodrama? Back in the day, a real man could destroy an alien armada just by flexing his biceps, and the only protection he needed was a flimsy tank-top and some Ray-Bans – gotta protect them peepers for the ladies.

Want a lesson in real heroics? Then check out The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack.

Interceptor Entertainment (the developer behind the rebirth of Rise of the Triad) and 3DRealms are proud to bring the original adventures of the king of all alien-ass-kickers to Steam with The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack: http://store.steampowered.com/sub/29005/

The pack includes Duke Nukem 1 ($2.99), Duke Nukem 2 ($2.99) and Duke Nukem: Manhattan project ($5.99). The games can also be purchased as a bundle for $9.99.

With the addition of these three Duke classics to Steam, the entire Duke Nukem PC back catalog is now on the world’s number one digital distribution platform for games.


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