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The 3rd Birthday Review

As the opening begins you see Anya sitting in the snow cut up and a bloody mess. As it continues you see a swirl in the air to a creature coming out and Anya standing up with gun pointed, heading off the opening credits with the names of creators and such. The game all together has a great story line idea, and a interesting way to battle. The game Takes place in 2013, not to far ahead of us but the release date for the game was in 2011. It is also the third game of a series Parasite Eve.

The game continues on for quiet some time before you really learn much about Anya’s past and what lead her to fight the creatures that terrorize the city. Like every game each level gets harder on the first level you fight your first reaper, only issue is you do not have enough training during the first level and can’t exactly fight the reaper instead you have to run. One wrong turn and you are dead unless someone appears and you can jump into their body. After that your power and skills get better and you actually get to fight the reapers.

The game has all together 6 chapters. You can also get outfits as the game continues and after you beat it, even one of lightnings gear from Final Fantasy XIII. After the game came out though there were mixed feelings about Aya’s outfits and over all “sexualized” nature. They are pointing out that her clothes get chopped up and destroyed to show a lot of skin. Even parts when she is dying she starts stumbling around and gasping easily being knocked down by enemies. By the end of the game Aya’s meek nature is explained and fans surely did not see the point in having her be modest, quiet, and submissive personality. All together the quality of the game was great the graphics are what you expect from Square Enix.

On a side note something I noticed, that the creatures from Final Fantasy 13 the Cie’th look like a Twisted Slacker from 3rd birthday. Do you see it?

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