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Teleglitch: Die More Edition Review

Teleglitch: Die More Edition is a Steam re-launch of the rogue-like cult hit. The updated version contains more lore, more weapons, harder enemies, and more levels. This top down action game certainly is titled correctly; you will die, a lot. The game has some interesting gameplay mechanics, but it has some major problems that I cannot seem to ignore.

In a cold, dark future dominated by mega-corporations (cyberpunk ftw), a small lonely planet on the edge of habitable space is the site of a research facility specializing in zombification. A scientist has come to the realization that he is the only survivor in the facility. The entire staff has been killed and reanimated. The facility’s AI has taken over. The game story lore is pretty interesting. I love the cyberpunk atmosphere and storytelling. You get all of your information through consoles all around the facility. Be prepared to read because this game is all text when it comes to story.

Horde-AttackI want to talk about the positives of this games gameplay before I get to the negatives. Teleglitch has a really unique execution to it. The rogue-like genre has seen games like this, but the story is what sets it apart. The graphics are pretty interesting. They are so far from detailed it looks good. The minimalist styles have been making comebacks in the indie world. The tunes are pretty average, but nice to listen to when playing the game. You may be stopping to read a lot and it doesn’t distract you so that is a bonus. The level design is pretty good too. It even changes every time you play. While the details are still rather simple, the layout of where to go can be very punishing. Teleglitch has a crazy learning curve, which is at a 90 degree angle. The challenge factor is a double edged sword.

These are some stepping stones for a game to be good, maybe even great. If you can tell a nice story, your gameplay can be incredibly simple, hence why many adventure games go that route. But what is preventing Teleglitch from being a must have? Well, I have reasons for those too.

The gameplay is very unforgiving. Not Dark Souls unforgiving, but straight up broken. It works in tandem with the inclusion of melee attacking. You run out of ammo for your weapons very quick regardless of your aim. When you have to resort to melee combat, you will most certainly die. The hitboxes for the enemies is atrociously small while your hitbox is disgustingly large in comparison. I understand catering your gameplay to exploration and salvaging but there is a curve that should be followed. You can’t sneak past enemies; you can’t run away from them effectively, you can only fight. The loot is all randomly generated too, so you may get the items for more guns early on, or you may not.

Teleglitch also has horrible conveyance. Unless you read everything, you will just be running around with your head cut off. You will constantly run into dead ends. Now, I see why the developers made this a feature, however, it starts you off against every single odd in the universe. The game feels broken and too much in favor of the AI. Everything requires luck of the draw in this game, and that’s not how it should be. You also don’t have a sense of accomplishment. There is no drive to continue playing. You made it super farm then died; now you have to start over from the beginning all over again.

Teleglitch is fun, but the difficulty feels busted. Teleglitch’s gameplay is very much a double edged sword and the issue of gameplay balance is very apparent from your first 50 deaths. The pros of Teleglitch do not outweigh the cons. It is a shame. Teleglitch Die More Edition gets a 6/10 from me. It is playable, just expect an unfair game.

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