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Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) Review

Tegami Bachi, also translated as Letter Bee is a fairly new series based off of its manga original. Unlike most anime this anime follows the story line almost spot on, minus a filler episode here and there. Even reading the manga first, this anime was a treat, most people who read the manga then watch the anime tend to like the manga more but this anime is an exception seeing as how the story is so exact.

Tegami Bachi, starts off in the way distant past, we start off by seeing letter bee, Gauche Suede on the way to pick up a delivery but no location to pick it up. In the distance he stops an old postal sign, chained to it is a young boy, Lag Seeing, who has been labeled with a postal note. Lag Seeing is the package Gauche has to deliver. The first few episodes go through that journey until they reach their destination and part ways, Lag Seeing promising to become a letter bee just like Gauche. Then in the following episode, time has jumped forward 5 years and Lag is getting ready to head to the bee hive, where the bees work, for his interview to become a letter bee.
As soon as Lag passes his test and interview to become a letter bee he discovers that the person who inspired him to take the job has disappeared. He also meets Gauche’s little sister who happens to be the same age. Sylvette offers to take Lag into their home while he is working for the government bee hive. While doing the work of a letter bee, Lag is determined to find Gauche and bring him back home to his little sister Sylvette. Of course with no one knowing the whereabouts of Gauche since his last assignment, it proves to be quite the task.
Before becoming a letter bee, Lag picks up a little girl who was similar to him when he was little and Gauche found him. So in attempt to deliver her, he finds that she is the legendary beast Maka, Which is known for having golden swords and eyes as blue as the sea. Niche’s hair turns into her swords which cannot be broken or beaten in strength. And the first thing Lag noticed about Niche, other than her lack of underwear, was her beautiful blue eyes. Niche ends up being lag’s dingo, the word they use for most of the time an animal companion for a letter bee.

Along with his dingo/ companion, Niche, he sets out daily to deliver the hearts of every person entrusting their letters to him. Using his shindanjuu to fight off any gaichuu that try to get in his way.
A shindanjuu is also translated as a heart gun; they use fragments of their own heart and or soul to fight. The fragments are loaded into empty bullet shells. How to load them is the user must have the ability to resonate their heart with the spirit amber in their gun, or in Lag’s case, in his eye.
Spirit ambers are similar to the ambers we see but they come in various colors, such as green, red, black, and other colors. These have the ability to resonate with other spirit ambers or to people’s hearts and create a discharge which letter bees aim and fight with.
Gaichuu are what you could consider to be the monsters in this anime, they are empty shells of armor that appear similar to bugs. Gaichuu are lured out by a person’s heart, the stronger the heart, the stronger the gaichuu lured out is. Or if there aren’t really any strong gaichuu around many weak gaichuu will gather. How to kill a gaichuu is for a letter bee to resonate their heart within the armor so the armor explodes killing the gaichuu.
Most of the first season of this anime consists of Lag delivering letters and going to investigate any news brought in on Gauche. When until the end they come face to face with Gauche once more, but something has changed. He has no heart anymore, yet somehow he is able to fire his shindanjuu. (FYI if you shoot your shindanjuu too much you can lose your heart and no longer have any ammunition or any of yourself left) He now is going by the name Noir and his old dog companion Roda is now human. Other than telling Lag he belongs to an anti-government faction called REVERSE, he tells him nothing and walks away, stealing the letter Lag was trying to deliver.
The series ends there with so much mystery bottled up, but as always, to be continued in Tegami Bachi Reverse.

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