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Tales of Graces f Preview

Tales of Graces f will be hitting the US shores on March 13, 2012 and a later date for Europe. In order to prepare you for the first major Tales release since Vesperia back in 2008, this will be a short little preview for the game.

Battle Mayhem Galore!

If you didn’t know the game is brought to you by Team Destiny instead of Team Symphonia, and if you actually have any idea what that means then good for you but it’s fine if you don’t. Team Symphonia created games such as Abyss and Vesperia and actually specialize in a unique combat style that is both familiar and new to the franchise. While Vesperia used a combination of normal attacks, Artes, and Arcane Artes, Graces doesn’t do this. In fact the combat system created by Team Destiny makes it so that there is no usage of TP which is a MP style system. As a result the game uses a mechanic called CC. Each character has a certain amount of CC and each move uses up CC. When your CC is depleted then you can replenish them through certain conditions. That’s Graces combat system in a nutshell. This allows for a faster and more action packed fights than Vesperia. It also means that you can spam Artes as much as you want. Speaking of Artes, the game revolves arounda system called Style Shifting. Each character has two styles which are separated into Alpha and Beta Artes. For example, the main character Asbel can shift between his hand to hand Alpha style and unsheathed sword Beta style. You can freely change between the two styles with the X and O button on the controller. This means combos are even crazier and more exhilarating to watch than before. Hubert, Asbel’s brother, uses twinblades that transform into guns for his Beta style. This unique combat system caters to both the fans of the series who want something substantial and newcomers who might want a little flash.

If you’re looking for a new narrative in a new world then you’ll be completely satisfied since Graces f features not only one story arc but two story arcs. One is quite a lengthy 40 hour campaign while the second is roughly 10 hours. Don’t let the length of the short one discourage you though, it enhances the experience that the game offers by utilizing a system called Accel mode. If you thought that Style Shifts added something special about each character, Accel Mode goes above and beyond. Each character has an Accel Meter and once this is full you can unleash it for a unique special. For Pascal a protective shield will form around her and for Cheria she will be able to stop time for a few seconds. Depth is very far in this game and it’s hard to be easily disappointed by the many offerings that the game has. While it’s only two months away, look for to the full review in the near future.

Meet Pascal, Sophie, Asbel, and Cheria! (Left to Right)

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