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Sword of the Stars: The Pit Review


The Sword of the Stars franchise is a strategy space exploration series, The Pit however, is a Dungeon Crawling Survival RPG just released on Steam. This is a unique take on the series and it is welcomed. Besides, spin offs are a good thing, no one wants to see the same game over and over again. At least, I would hope so. Nonetheless, The Pit holds great promise.

A deadly plague has taken over the world, and the last hope is an alien facility in the Feldspar Mountains, a pit built by the ancient Suul’ka. The Pit has only been told in legend, but times are desperate and dangerous methods must be taken into effect. Well, story is certainly cool, but it does not develop well. It is more of like a framework or backdrop for a setting. Your goal is to get the cure. It has a feeling of a D&D story arc which is pretty cool, kudos on that.

sword_of_the_stars_the_pit-_screenshot_01The gameplay is actually a fast paced turn based RPG. It has a unique kind of execution that you can’t seem to find anywhere else. You can choose from three characters, the Marine, Pilot, and Engineer. Each class has a different set of equipment and stats to use to your advantage. As you level up and use abilities your character will gain stats and points. This is standard RPG stuff that is executed well and is rather balanced. There are a variety of weapons and armor to use as you play through the 30 levels of The Pit. You can even craft new items and food. There is a small survival mechanic in the game as well. You do have a hunger meter to keep an eye on and some levels may be more forgiving in terms of eatable items than others. Quite possibly the best gameplay mechanic in this game is the line of sight/darkness mechanic. Sure you can run away from an enemy, but you will not know if you are getting away or if it is gaining on you. The view may be top down, but you cannot see everything, which adds to the suspense.

The game itself is very challenging and you will die a lot. Not only are there monsters that seem to attack you from every which way but there is more that lurk in the dark waiting to ruin your day. Traps, radiation, poison, you name it. There is also a lot of lore to be discovered throughout the game. So if you like the Sword of the Stars universe this is a very nice bonus. The simple graphics allow the game to run smoothly and have a unique presentation from the highly rendered graphics that the Sword of the Stars franchise is well known for. I like the art direction, it is simple, but still offers plenty of detail.

If you enjoy rogue-like RPGS and Sci-Fi, this is a game for you. The challenge is fantastic and when you die, you have to start over with new equipment and everything. The controls are very odd at first; I highly suggest you play the tutorial to get yourself acquainted. Other than that, this game is well worth your money. You can pick it up on Steam now. I give Sword of the Stars: The Pit a 9/10.

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