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Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Review

Born Ready Games has given us an interesting mix of arcade and console space shooter. That’s literally the easiest way to describe Strike Suit Zero, out on the PS4 and Xbox One Consoles. And considering the game originally came from funding within a kickstarter campaign, it has proven that a little bit of support can go a long way. Strike Suit Zero takes the space dog fighting action and mixes it with mecha robot suit battles that are both visually appealing and an awesome balance of making you an unstoppable machine as well as still not being invincible. The game was challenging but not quit difficult enough to drive people away. I jumped right into the action with the simple tutorials that pop up on screen and was quickly taking down whole squadrons of enemy fighters.gameplay 1

Ok so lets emphasize the positive aspects of the game. Purely, the fights. The controls were all easy to grasp and master as you start in a normal space fighter and learn the ropes of combat. After a few missions, the ship gains the ability to transform into a form that is akin to a mech suit from Gundam. This form has crazy powerful weapons that can eradicate multiple fighters in a matter of seconds. As great as that sounds it does have its drawbacks which act as a way to balance the experience out. Although your power goes up, your speed drastically drops leaving you more vulnerable to enemy attack. The controls and combat are easily the best and polished part to this game.gameplay 2

On the downside, the story and characters are somewhat disappointing and average. The story is one recycled through countless games, movies, and anime. The Strike Suit is the one of a kind super weapon that is Earth’s last hope in a war against the space going colonial fleets. You are a pilot who has been disgraced and downtrodden and are simply trying to get your wings back and prove your worth. The dialogue is dull and boring with very little emotion through out. I felt no emotional connection to anyone or any of the plot as it was presented. I was a little let down.gameplay 3

This is a great title if you like arcade style dogfights. The controls were great and the game itself was very visually appealing especially on the new gen consoles. However, I felt they were not quite enough to make up for the lack of character and story development within the game. Fun for a quick play and definately worth a try. I give Strike Suit Zero a 6 out of 10. Happy Gaming.

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