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Starvoid Review

Starvoid is a team based RTS and PVP game released on steam that involves controlling your main unit as well as spawnable units to either kill players, or capture points depending on the game type.

The first thing to mention about this game is that it seems to have a graphics setting like every pc game should. You can change your resolution for the main screen as well as in game. The most appealing feature on the graphics tabs is the quality slider. The default setting is high and the best part is, even though there is a slider, you can’t change your quality settings. The fact that you actually need a decent computer to run the game is one thing, but for those who buy the game thinking it doesn’t look like it needs much are out of luck and just lost 10 bucks. Should you actually have the computer to handle all the units and explosions, then the game could actually be quite entertaining.

The community for Starvoid is tiny. At the time of writing this review, there are a total of 14 people online, in a span of 2 servers. It could be that the game wasn’t advertised as much, but don’t expect to be seeing any new faces anytime soon. The game is actually much better played with a group of friends, either with or against you, because quite frankly, it feels bland playing alone.

You begin the game with a total of 4 characters to choose from, each with different bots to summon. Generally, it seems better to choose a character with a long ranged weapon as opposed to anyone with a melee weapon or shotgun as your character seems to die in literally 2 seconds. Once the enemy team has started to dominate you, it seems as though there is no way to make a comeback as they will just destroy anything you summon with their already well-established army.

The mechanics of the game are actually good. Your character naturally acquires energy with a cap. Your units are on set keys and if your character has enough energy you can summon a group of them. Best part of this is that you can control multiple groups, but only 1 of each group at a time. PVP takes a decent amount of skill in microing units in order to be good. You must manage your main unit at the same time which can be challenging when facing people with more experience with games such as Starcraft. Your main unit comes with a set of skills, such as cloaking, or shielding. Before games you can select which weapons they can use which switches their skill set entirely. Generally, it is better to fight from afar as your character seems to die in a matter of seconds.

Overall the game isn’t too great. If you want an RTS of similar style for the PC you might as well just play a game like Dawn of War or an oldschool Command and Conquer. The game lacks the sheen needed for polished mechanics and a nice presentation. Starvoid gets a 4/10.


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