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Square Enix Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Final Fantasy With Super Fan Contest

As you probably know already, this year celebrates an amazing 25th Anniversary of the Final Fantasy series. As such there’s been a lot to celebrate it already, but Square Enix isn’t content to just let that be it. Square Enix is looking to crown their first ever super fan, with a new contest.

Participants need to make a 30-60 second original video showing why they are the worlds number one Final Fantasy fan, and upload it to the official contest site. Whomever wins the crown will be accredited in the credits of ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ and will also receive two tickets to the Distant Worlds concert on January 12, 2013 in Paris, France, which is a fantastic concert if I do say so myself.

Well Final Fantasy fans, follow the link to the official site to find out where to upload and for more information. Get to it!

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