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Spiderman Edge of Time Review

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” This being the signature phrase for everyone’s favorite wall crawler, it’s expected to impact the games dramatically and edge of time does exactly that. In this installment we play as two different spider men. The one everyone knows and loves, the current day Amazing Spider man Peter Parker, and the futuristic Spider man 2099 Miguel O’ Hara. The story kicks off with Mega Corporation Alchemex scientist Walker Sloan using a sort of time machine he has created to travel back to the 1970’s to establish Alchemex well before it ever should have existed, putting himself into power. This creates a rather dramatic effect in current day New York City, turning it into a dismal dark place. Peter Parker also no longer works for the Daily Bugle, but instead is an Alchemex employee himself. The opening cut scenes immediately grab and hook the player’s attention as you witness the actual death of Peter at the hands of seemingly invincible Anti-Venom as the future spider man fails to try and save him.


Edge of Time has many highlights to it that fit very well into the story. The two spider men help each other across time, after a quickly and slightly confusing explanation of time rifts and temporal distortions. You will have a window in the lower right hand corner of the screen in many sequences showing what the other spidey is currently doing, usually resulting in you having to change something in the present so that it will effect the past to help there current predicament. An example would be a giant robot beating Miguel to death, and you’re given a crunch time to destroy the prototype for the same robot in the current day’s lab. This introduces several small puzzles and trials to figure your way through and gives the game a nice added feature.

The two web heads will be continuously talking to each other during the story, creating a lot of funny banter to entertain the player. The voice acting is also done quite well leading you to truly feel the situations the spider men are in even if the game play itself is very unrealistic. Spider man 2099’s serious and matter of fact nature clashes nicely with Peter Parkers everything is a joke type of attitude. He even jokes while he is literally dying, breaking up the repetitive beat em up style game play.

The upgrade system is much the same as the games predecessor, Shattered dimensions, re-introducing the web of shadows. As you complete mini goals within each stage and collect “time orbs”, you are able to upgrade both spidey’s abilities. Ranging from learning new combos, gaining additional health, or increasing the duration of both characters unique abilities, fans of the series will be very comfortable with this system. However beyond these traits, there isn’t much to give to your super hero’s. You can however unlock alternative outfits, play on multiple difficulties, and max out your character to gain achievements/trophies giving dedicated fans much to do.


Unfortunately, the part I look forward to in any Spiderman game is the ability to use his most definitive trait in web swinging, which Edge of Time seriously lacks. You’re confined to the interior of a building almost the entirety of the game, crawling through cramped air vents and small environments compared to previous titles. There is no free roam here, and many die hard fans will have to look past this fact. The fighting is incredibly repetitive, and after about halfway through the game I was bored with it. Even the boss fights seemed to drag on far too long, leading to you fighting the same boss multiple times the exact same way and if you die, you have to start completely over at the start of the confrontation. The only other downside I found was a short story. The entire game is only roughly 6 hours long if you don’t try to get all the collectibles.


Spider Man Edge of Time does bring lots of new and fun elements to the classic web slingers story, but lacks in some of the game play aspects. Hardcore fans may have to look past these downsides but will still enjoy the game in my opinion, while new players to the series can have lots of fun picking it up and experiencing it for the first time. Although I would wait for a price drop to around 25 dollars to pick it up, it’s still a highly entertaining game. 6 out of 10



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  1. kilo says
    February 27, 2012, 9:55 PM

    just because you didn’t care for the game doesn’t mean it isn’t a good read i play the spider-man games even if they are not triple A games and i respect that this author put in his two cents regardless of where this game stood on the sales chart.

  2. February 1, 2012, 2:48 AM

    Ummm…wow…not in a good way either. I mean don’t get me wrong the artical was decently written but there are some really good reviews on here and then there’s…….this game……are you going to cover spyro too? Lol


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