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SOE Commemorates 9th Anniversary of PlanetSide

On May 20, 2003, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) launched the most ambitious online game in history,PlanetSide — a game that would set the bar for massively multiplayer online first-person shooters (MMOFPS) and revolutionize the gaming industry.

Upon launch, gamers flocked to their PCs to check out the first-ever MMOFPS and were immediately immersed into the massive battles on Auraxis. This week, we honor the veterans that bravely fought on Auraxis for nine years, and celebrate those that are ready to enlist for the upcoming war in PlanetSide 2, the re-envisioned MMOFPS that still retains all that made PlanetSide the unbelievable experience it was.
SOE has released screen shots of side by side comparison of planetside and planeside 2 for our enjoyment. The look of Planetside 2 is a huge improvement from the first game. But of course It has been 9 years.

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