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Slam Bolt Scrappers Review


Firehose Games has been busy. They brought two of their titles onto Steam at the same time. Go Home Dinosaurs and Slam Bolt Scrappers. You can fine the review for Go Home Dinosaurs here, and this is the review for Slam Bolt Scrappers. A game with strong PvP elements also has a challenging campaign to play. Remember Puzzle Bobble for the N64? Yeah it is like a high octane version of that.

The core gameplay plays a lot like a Tetris. You use a variety of colored shapes to make squares (not lines) so they become weapons to destroy your opponent’s progress. What makes this game so fun and advanced is you are a roaming character that has to fight the opponent and different colored enemies to get these blocks. With a changing environment and an opponent that does not let up, Slam Bolt Scrappers is a very interesting addition to the Puzzle genre.

SBS is a game that I like to see. Original, unique takes on classic game genres. I have played Tetris, Puzzle Bobble, even the Puzzle Kombat from MK Deception. This game is like all of those games into one with Firehose’s own flair. Every character has different moves and appearance to make use of and exploit. There are about five colors of blocks to use and each has their own ability. Some protect your other blocks, while others attack the opponent’s blocks.

You must create squares of different sizes to win the game. Bigger squares, more damage are the key to victory. The single-player has upwards of 10 levels to play and each area has a boss to fight. The boss makes to balance the different ways to play Slam Bolt Scrappers. You must use your character to attack, defend, and create blocks. The game is surprisingly simple for how varied the gameplay is. There is plenty of challenge to be offered in this game and the PvP plays just like the single-player but without the boss fights of course.

The game’s controls are a different story. The developers have strongly recommended that you play this game with a gamepad, and I agree with them. While the Keyboard/Mouse controls are not bad, they feel weird and you never seem to get used to them. The controller is definitely the best way to play this game and the game plays a lot smoother that way.

Slam Bolt Scrappers is a pleasant little title with a lot to offer in terms of gameplay, but not much to offer in terms on content. You do the same thing throughout the game and it can get really repetitive. I give Slam Bolt Scrappers a 7.5/10. The gameplay is really cool, but the controls are strange with the keyboard/mouse and the content is somewhat lacking.

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