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Skulls of the Shogun Review

SOTS_041-660x371Skulls of the shogun is an indie turn based strategy game made by 17-bit games. You play as samurai general Akamoto  who was killed by his lieutenant right before he was to become a shogun and finds himself in purgatory, where he has to wait in line for hundreds of years to make it to the afterlife. The general not wanting to wait in line grabs a few soldiers and decides to fight his was to the head of the line.

The game play mechanics are pretty simple, you have your different types of units. The soldier, Calvary,archer,monks, etc. You can use your troops to haunt fields of rice and shrines, so you can increase your army and fight your way through huge battles that do require some thought. When you kill an enemy their skull is left behind and you can then eat the skull adding more to your life. When you eat three you get an extra move action on that unit. The enemy can eat the skulls, haunt fields and shrines as well making the game a nice challenge.


I really enjoyed the character dialog, there was quite a few times I found myself laughing. What made me laugh more is the archers sounded like the minions from despicable me and I loved it. The music was very nice, I found it peaceful to listen to and actually helped keep me relaxed when my troops where getting pounded on all sides. All in all I found the game to be very funny and highly enjoyable. There was just something very satisfying about knocking troops off cliffs, eating skulls and haunting paddies and shrines. There were a few times where I felt like the game was trying to kick me while i’m down, but what kind of strategy game would it be if I didn’t have to use some strategy. I would recommend Skulls of the shogun to anyone who enjoys Strategy games. I am sure you will find hours of enjoyment in iot just as I did. 9 out of 10

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