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Simpsons Arcade Game Hits XBLA Tomorrow


Do you miss the simple pleasure of Beat-em-Ups? Are you pining for a new Simpsons game? Did you absolutely despise X-Men Arcade? If you answered yes to the first two, then rejoice; Simpsons Arcade Game releases tomorrow.

This release comes with the now-standard HD upgrade, 4-player online co-op, and- Wait, seriously?- the unreleased japanese version of the game.It also uses 3-game modes, all self-explanatory: Quarters, Survival, and Free Play.  Part of me is almost afraid to wonder what horrors the japanese version holds in store.

Relive the nostalgia on February 3rd for Xbox Live users, next week for PSN users(800 MS, $9.99 for PSN although PlayStation Plus members get it for free, Respectively)

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