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Several Xbox One features to be cut due to DRM reversal

Kotaku was able to get some updated information on what the flipside of the DRM reversal decision is.

“There’s a few things we won’t be able to deliver as a result of this change,” Marc Whitten, v.p. of Xbox Live told Kotaku, “One of the things we were very exicted about was ‘wherever we go my games are always with me.’ Now, of course your physical games won’t show up that way. The games you bought digitally will. You’ll have to bring your discs with you to have your games with you. Similarly, the sharing library [is something] we won’t be able to deliver at launch.

Microsoft also announced today a loosening of the Xbox One’s region restrictions. “You could buy a console in any country and use it any country,” Whitten said. “You can use any disc in that console.”

Microsoft’s concept of having your full game library accessable from any Xbox One console you log into is gone and so is their offer to let you share games with up to nine other “family” members. Essentially you will be able to access all your digital downloaded games from any internet connected console and the disc based games will work exactly the same as the current Xbox 360 games.

In order to play offline though you will have to download a Day 1 update so you will still need to connect to the internet before you can make use of the DRM and Internet check in reversal.
Source: Kotaku

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