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Several Games Confirmed for an E3 Showing

Being the tertiary writer on a recovering gaming website has afforded me many cool services: not talking to any developers; being generally unknown; and, lest we forget, not being invited to E3.  So while the head-reviewer and site manager go gallivanting in Los Angeles, I’m going to sit here and report on what they’ll be getting to demo, aside from the new consoles.

Oh look: up first is Barbie Dreamhouse Party, developed by Little Orbit.  I bet Zach is going to have his most fun with that.  Also confirmed is, what I’m sure to be, Jason’s favorite: Zumba Fitness World Party developed by Majesco.

Several other big names are up for enjoyment at this year’s E3.  Dragon Age III, developed by Bioware, will be making a strong appearance.  Batman: Arkham Origins, developed by Warner Bros Games Montreal, is also scheduled to appear.  As well as Arma 3, the sequel to Day Z Arma 2 developed by Bohemia Interactive, and Quantum Break, an Xbox One exclusive developed by Remedy.

A big name for me is the appearance of Saints Row 4, published by Deep Silver.  I’ve enjoyed the Saints Row series slightly more than Grand Theft Auto and I’m hopeful that this next sequel will return to the more successful seriousness of the first two games.

A lot of old-hands will be taking another trip to E3: Sonic will be there; Mario and his friends will be there; Pikachu will be there.  And I’m not just talking about the Super Smash Brothers, which has also been confirmed to make another return trip.

Finally, the big announcement is that a new Final Fantasy game will also be spotted somewhere between Booth Awesome and Booth Fun.  Rumor has it that no details were given other than that it’ll be connected to the PS4 reveal.

This year’s E3 is sure not to be a lot of fun and there is absolutely no cause for any kind of mind-crushing depression.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stare at the ceiling fan, weeping softly, until Monday arrives.

You can see the full list and the source for this article at: IGN

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