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Senran Kagura BURST Review: More Like Senran Kagura Bust


I don’t play the 3DS often, I don’t really know what is on it other than Pokemon and Fire Emblem. Then I came across a game called Senran Kagura Burst. I never saw anything about this game. I didn’t even know it was based off a show. Nonetheless, I went into playing this game 100% blind, and it felt kind of good. My mood quickly changed from excited to confused, and a little violated. This is what I gathered from the story.

There is a secret ninja school that exclusively trains incredibly busty females in the Ninjitsu Arts. They do this, so that missions can be carried out against rival ninja schools all around Japan. In the game, there are two stories, both are practically the same and even have very similar looking characters. This game doesn’t have much of a story, every mission has its own story kind of thing, well every episode. I could not necessarily focus on what was going on for reasons I am about to tell you.

This game is a Japanophile’s dream. It features ninjas that are female, and have massive boobs. When they fight they turn into ninja magical girls and get special outfits that allow them to use new powers. Then if they take too much damage, the clothes begin to come off in a ripping matter. I now see why this game is on the 3DS with full 3D capability rather than the PS3 or Wii U. Seriously, I may be a straight male, but I do not need to see 3D anime boobs 100% of the time.

image_thumb66The gameplay is a side scrolling brawler with an emphasis on combos. You have a standard weak and heavy attack as well as air combos and ninja skills. These are surprisingly the most sophisticated part about the game because it feels like the story/atmosphere is super immature. The combos can get pretty crazy, in the 1k range when you play some of the harder missions. Certain enemies have more hp than others and even act differently. The coolest part of the combat is the chase feature. When you launch an enemy into the air you can dash to them when an on screen prompt shows up and you can start your air combo.

The downside to the combat/gameplay to Senran Kagura Burst is the repetitive nature of each and every mission. Every mission is moving from left to right, clearing each area of enemies. There is no gameplay variety whatsoever and it gets really dull after chapter one. It does not help that every character has the same missions (barring the story ones) so to unlock everything in the game you have to play the same missions around 5 times. It is dull and boring, I really cannot emphasize that enough.. The rest of the game is played in the HQ where you can play dress up with your different ninja ladies. You unlock a variety of clothing options via missions and getting higher rankings.

Senran Kagura Burst is riddled with 3D anime boobs that discredit the game’s “enjoyable” factor. In many ways, it is like that anime you just cannot watch because of the amount of fan service. Even good stuff like High School of the Dead was almost unwatchable because of the boobs and asses. It is just ridiculous. I almost feel insulted. The combat and game flow is repetitive and dull. I know some people will enjoy this game because they like the show and similar content, however, this game seems to cater to those fans and those fans only. And I have to say I must take that into consideration when scoring this game.

I give Senran Kagura Burst a 3/10. There is not much that could have saved this title from getting a low score. I would suggest you pass on this game if you are not a fan of the show. You can get the game on the Nintendo eShop now.

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