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Sazh: Heads or Tails DLC Review

The story oriented DLC for FF13-2 was released on the 21st of February for XBL and 22nd for PSN. It involves Sazh being thrown in a time paradox being separated from Dahj again. He must all his trust in luck and gamble in Serendipity to get Dahj back. Two new games in Serendipity have been added, Poker and Chronobind. Upon completion of the extra episode you unlock the ability to use Sazh in your party. The extra episode is a sad one. Sazh being separated from his son was heartbreaking from FF13. His fatherly love makes a triumphant return in the side episode that appears as soon as you load your game.


While I find simulated gambling to be riddled with inaccuracies and it is almost impossible to be successful, this DLC makes sense. Sazh has to learn to trust in the unreliable to get his son back. As you win games and fulfill certain tasks you will gain Fortune Medals. Collecting enough will finish the story. However, there is more than one way to gain medals. Chocobolina is in Seendipity and she is looking for Chocobo chicks. As you talk to her you find out what chicks are missing. It is up to you to find them. You cannot find them all at once. There is one for every color and every one you bring back nets you a fortune medal.


While I was hoping for a different kind of DLC for Sazh I think this set up works. It is a side episode and depending on your skill level as well as your luck it could take a couple of hours to complete. I give the Sazh Heads or Tails DLC an 8/10.

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